Sunday, September 16, 2012

Winnebago Nights Finale

After we left Dijon we headed towards Metz, which would be our last over night stop before reaching Frankfurt. Among all the campsite we had stayed at, the one at Metz was the most convenient. It is run by the town of Metz, so it is quite literally in town, situation next to a river. We showed up with no reservation and easily secured a spot and headed into town.

The main tourist attraction in Metz is the Metz Cathedral, also known as the Good Lord's Lantern. It is called as such because it has the largest expanse of stained glass windows in the world. It was truly a site to behold. It has just stopped raining when I took the pictures, so everything was so clear and magnificent.


As usual the boys decided to sit around and have a few drinks while M and I explored the town. After exploring we chose a random restaurant, ate, enjoyed the views while we walked back to camp.

The next day we decided to drive past Luxemburg since it was on the way. Luxembourg is the only remaining country in the world ruled by a grand duchy. I have no idea what a duchy means either. I had to read up on it and only realized then just how interesting a country it was. So tiny yet SO powerful a country! Did you know it has the second highest GDP per capita? Maybe it has to do with the fact that it has only over 512,000 in population.

I just had to take a picture of this couple asleep on the bench. How sweet is that???

How true is that?

So anyways, we drove into town, found parking and wandered around. It was a Sunday unfortunately so none of the shops were open again! We found a nice restaurant and sat down for lunch. We did some sight seeing afterwards and drove off to Frankfurt.

When we reached Frankfurt, we failed miserably to find a camp site. We have a feeling it was because camp means something else in German? We tried a few areas mentioned on Google but none of them existed! Feeling quite defeated, we drove to the little town where McRent is, filled up with gas, found a place to have dinner and ended up parking in an empty parking lot for the evening.

When in Friedberg, you must drink Friedberger beer.

And what is a trip to Germany without a meal of schnitzel?

The next day we drove ourselves to McRent, turned the camper over and went to the airport. We were REALLY lucky they didn't see the lid for the water tank had fallen off so we didn't get penalized for that. But the taxi they hired for us did try to rip us off by not turning the meter on when we got on. Good thing Hubby is very used to dealing with taxi drivers like that in China, so he really argued with the guy until he agreed to charge us a lower price than what he was asking. Damn them!

At the airport we parted ways with D&M who were staying in Frankfurt for a few more days. Hubby and I got on our flight and headed back to Hong Kong. I was SO excited to see the kids after being away for so long. But then...

We were redirected to Bangkok!!! Of all the times Hong Kong could experience a typhoon 10, which has not happened in YEARS, it had to happen the day we were going back. Of course after we landed in Bangkok, all hell broke loose. That is one thing I will NEVER understand about Cathay. For such a big airline and with so many years experience, you'd think they have an SOP when it comes to redirected flights. But it was obvious after we got off the plane, after being stuck in it for a few hours, that no one knew what the heck to do. We were herded towards immigration, ask to fill out the forms and were told that we were staying overnight. Everyone were like drones, following everyone else and did as they were told. By then I had enough. I was shocked at how everyone was just standing around not saying anything. I started raising my voice and told the Cathay people there is no way I am staying the night and that there has to be another flight we could get on. By then we found out ALL the other flights that were scheduled to land after us in HK had landed in HK!!! How unlucky were we??? I asked them about another flight and the lady actually told me that it was ILLEGAL to let us get on another flight back. I was completely fed up and started arguing with them. And guess what, suddenly they tell us there is another flight we can board and to follow them to check in. What a joke. We all raced to get in line for fear of not getting a seat but thankfully it seemed like almost everyone was able to get on board. Lord only knows what happened to the few who were willingly herded off to a hotel. But then again who knows? Maybe they were happy to get a free night in Bangkok.

So anyways, we finally got home and was super happy to see the kids. Life went back to normal and i definitely look forward to taking a trip like this with the kids next time.


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wow you give me inspiration for your image, visit me, i am from indonesia greetings unite the world hhe :D
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moove over said...

The buildings look fantastic - as does the food!