Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lego Mayhem

Yesterday was Boy Wonder's 8th birthday party. This year, instead of inviting his whole class I asked him to make a list of who he wanted to invite. Thank goodness he only listed 14 of them. I was impressed that all but one came. I then asked Boy Wonder what theme he wanted for his party and he said Lego.

Because I like to stress myself out and also because I am quite stingy, I began researching the net on Lego birthday parties. There were a lot of cake samples to choose from, from really simple to the extravagant. I am still constantly amazed at the workmanship of some of these professional cake designers. I think one thing that makes me hesitant about getting into the cake design profession is knowing all your hours of hard work will simply get consumed in a few minutes. Is it really worth it? But one thing is for sure, I don't think its worth spending hundreds of my dollars buying a cake which will be consumed by hungry kids!

After scouring the net I decided on something simple yet memorable. After fiddling with a few Lego bricks, I settled on red, yellow and green. Since the cake will be constructed with rectangular pieces, I knew I would have heaps of time to make it the night before. In the meantime, I made the bumps that would go on top of each Lego piece with Oreo cookies wrapped in their respective colored fondant.

On Friday night, I thought to myself I've got the whole evening. How long would it take to make 3 rectangular cakes and cover them with fondant? I found out it takes 2 hours longer than I expected! Because I had to make sure they were even slightly anatomically proportioned, I had to take out a ruler, make measurements and cut them to size. I then crumb coated them and covered them in fondant.

Here's the final product with the sample in the fore ground

While researching for Lego party ideas, I came across this mum's blog. She had links to a lot of really good Lego stuff that you can print out. I used the Lego bumps to create the birthday sign which I used BluTac to stick onto the wall. Hubby would want me to give him credit for designing the letter "M".

 On the blog it led you to where you can print out these Lego boxes to put your party favors in. Thank goodness we live right next to Wan Chai now, because it was easy enough for me to buy the colored papers, find a random printer guy and have them printed out. It was easy enough to cut them out and construct them. Because I could not find any brick themed candies, I ended up using Sugus since they were close enough. I found these erasers that were Lego-like which you can actually stick together as well. I also found these colored pencils that came in sections that matched the Lego theme quite well.

To calm the kids down after 30 minutes of complete mayhem running around in our awesome playroom, we played Lego Bingo. The same blog had links to where you can print out Lego Bingo cards. We then sugared them up with ice cream. To work up some appetite before the cake, we played Guess How Many Legos and then a quick game of Find the Lego Parts.

When pick up time came around, many of the mums and dads commented on how clean our apartment still looked at the end of the party. I think not inviting the whole class definitely helped!

Poseidon's 2nd birthday is up next. Good thing he's into trains as well, so I'll just reuse Boy Wonder's old train cake mould. Yey!

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