Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celestial Heights Will Continue To Suck! (Part 3 of 3)

Things are quiet now in terms of the screaming at the management folks from my end. Hubby has told me to give it up and just look forward to moving out of this hell hole. Because although things seem to be "resolved" we know living here will continue to suck. And here are the reasons why:

1. You are literally dealing with brainless monkeys anytime you have an issue with anything. Although I have nothing personal against the poor sods who have been assigned to deal with me, they are just drones with no ability to think for themselves. Every conversation and requests results with no immediate answer or solution, but just an over used SOP reply of we will get back to you.

2. There is clearly no training in terms of customer service. Poseidon hit his head on the side of the table one evening and started bleeding through his nose and lips. I ran downstairs with him and asked the guy at the lobby to tell the taxi driver to take us to Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. He had no idea what I was talking about. I said he works here and yet he does not know what the hospital is called? He said I only work here, I don't live here. AAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!!

3. Our balcony umbrella was damaged by the construction guys and so I reported it to management. I was first very impressed at how quickly they came a few days later with a replacement. But after seeing how lousy it is, I asked that they take it back and just repay us for the one we originally bought. And guess what they say? They said I need to prove to them that they were the ones who broke it! WHAT??? So if they don't admit they broke it to begin with, then why did they send us a replacement in the first place?

4. We are not the only unit with problems. So far I have heard of multiple problems other units are having. I have heard about raw sewerage leaking into the units, leaking through cracks of the walls, continued roaches, fixtures randomly falling apart, rust, etc. It is obvious this development was poorly build.

5. Unless you are a real local or from the mainland, it gets really hard to get used to living here. I mean no disrespect. But you have to admit, lifestyles are just different if you are a local and an expat. You operate differently. An example would be the use of the playroom. I make sure my kids don't eat in there, play nice, don't hit and there is always an adult there with them. But other people don't seem to care. They think the playroom is a free day care center where they can dump their kids to wreck havoc, hit, spit, eat and do anything they want. When using the lift, they have an obsession with pressing the down button when they want to go up, because they think the down button is to make the lift come down. They park in the handicap space because its closer to the door even though there is clearly no handicapped person in their household. We continue to get food, toys, random things thrown into our balcony. I feel like I'm living on the mainland. They clearly live on the motto of live for yourself and don't care about the public.

6. Multiple times now the lift had stopped working. Once our friend who lives on the penthouse unit had to walk all the way down with her daughter because BOTH lifts in the building did not work. I few times now I have heard people coming to view a unit but was turned off because the lifts didn't work. My husband noticed a few months ago that safety certificate of the lift had been expired for a few months!

7. Having a huge balcony was a blessing at the beginning, but it sure has turned into a curse. Since it is so big, its more area for crud to fall into. In addition to the bricks, we often have laundry, food, cigarettes and rubbish fall onto our balcony.

These are the buckets of bricks which they used to replace the ones that fell and those that were loose. Note just how much they used! Imagine all of them falling and crushing your skull. How confident am I that they have found each and everyone loose brick? NONE whatsoever.

How appetizing. This is just a sampling of the food that have fallen into our balcony. We even had a whole pumpkin once that shattered into pumpkin mash onto our balcony. Sure, it was around Halloween when it happened. But come on, where the heck did they leave the pumpkin???

These 2 mystery objects fell into our balcony. One fell onto the balcony and one fell with such force that it bounced INTO OUR LIVING ROOM!!! We called management and they said the next time we should just call the cops because there is nothing they can do. HAHAHA!!!

And most of all, just when you think nothing more can go wrong, it does! Here is a video of the flooding that happened in our kitchen the day before we were leaving for Australia. The day before!!! It stank! It was almost comical because I literally said, what more could go wrong! And of course management blamed us for it and said it has nothing to do with them.

I could keep going. But the more I write the more frustrated I keep getting. Things wouldn't be so bad if the people dealing with the nonstop issues weren't such idiots. Most of all, since most of the issues are due to the crappy job done by the developer, it makes me want to slit my wrists dealing with them because they do not admit anything! And it is even more frustrating because although our landlord seems nice, she is too busy with her main business to assist us in anything.

CELESTIAL HEIGHTS suck!!! I wish I know of a local reporter who can give an expose on this hell hole and make Cheung Kong admit what a crap job they did and how they have placed my family in danger. I can't wait to move.


christao408 said...

Wow - amazing. You've shared a lot of your frustrations with the place but seeing it here just reminds me of how dangerous a place Celestial Heights is.

Bandit said...

yes Chris, its really the safety issue at the end of the day that is the deal breaker =(