Wednesday, February 01, 2012

That's Not The Cake I Want

On December 28, we celebrated Nachos' 5th birthday while on holidays in Melbourne. Why I keep doing this to myself, I don't know, but I attempted again to bake her a cake.

With a bit of fear in my heart, I showed her a book I got that was full of children's cakes. I told her she can choose ANY cake she wanted and I would do my best to duplicate it. We went through the book a few times and in the end to my utter relief, Nachos picked the most simple and non-decorated 2-tier lavender colored cake.

Since we were in Melbourne, I did not have access to much cake decorating items. Thank goodness Becky who started Blossom Baking came to the rescue and lent me a few things. I would have just ordered the cake from her, but she was leaving for the holidays so couldn't do it. So instead, she provided me with the cake tins and fondant. I also ordered a few cupcake toppers in the shape of farm animals from her so Nachos' cake wouldn't look so lonely by itself.

I invited family and friends that day for an informal get together at our place. When it was time for the cake, I lovingly took it out and laid them all around the table and gathered all the kids around. When Nachos saw her cake, the first thing she said out load for everyone to hear was: That is not the cake I want!

 The cake Nachos didn't want

At that very moment I didn't know whether to strangle her, take her to go time out, scream or cry. I simply took a deep breath, told her too bad coz that's what she's got and proceeded to sing happy birthday. I wonder what I did in my childhood to deserve this?

Becky did an awesome job with the fondant animals. She even made a few fences, shovel and feeding trough, flowers and rake to complete the scene. It was a shame I couldn't order a whole cake from her. I would have loved to pass around her business cards, but since she just started her business she didn't have any. I am sure she wouldn't need much advertising though. I'm sure her business would take off once she goes full time with it!

In the end although my cake was not enthusiastically accepted by Nachos, I'm glad I did it. I'm sure many years later she would look at these pictures and know how much love I've put into making them. Now my next project would be to come up with something for Boy Wonder in May! And then Poseidon in July! Oh no!

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