Monday, December 12, 2011

Celestial Heights Still Sucks (Part 2 of 3)

So our continued frustration with Cheung Kong lingers on. At this point we are just glad we do not own this place. Our landlord sent us a copy of the letter the developer mailed her in response to her claim for compensation. Its hilarious how they say the falling bricks did not affect our occupation of this unit. All I can say is that they are friggin lucky we were not hurt when the bricks were falling.

Although it is not as much as we would have wanted, our landlord gave in and compensated us through her own pocket for the months when they were working on our balcony. But those sneaky bastards, AKA the developer, suddenly started working on the building behind us! No wonder there were piles of bamboo left on our back balcony weeks after they tore it down from the front. The moment I realized what was going on, I called the management office that if they do not remove everything from the back balcony within that day, I will start charging them storage fee. I swear, I have not seen construction workers move so fast before!

This is the view from Poseidon's bedroom.

 This is the pile of bamboo that was on our back balcony.

 Here's a pile of scaffolding stuff they thought they'd conveniently leave outside the kids' bedroom window.

Here's the pile of scaffolding those gremlins ended up piling on the divider between us and our back neighbor! You can't even see their back balcony anymore which is behind all that crap. No wonder they moved out after only staying there for a few months. I should try to find out what grief they gave their landlord.

Here was how our balcony looked like during the work.

Can you imagine what Hubby's view looked like with this outside his home office window?

You can see just how far reaching the joy spread!

Awww, how lovely. One construction worker thought he'd leave us 2 empty packs of death sticks in our pot of plant.

So now the fun has continued onto the next tower behind us. We noticed only recently that the people living in this unit behind us have moved out. They have only been there for a few months. This just makes me think how lucky our landlord is that we did not demand to cut our lease and move out as well. Lucky for her I am mad enough too that I have been putting all this extra effort to keep her updated on what is happening, taking pictures for her and giving management many earfuls when it really isn't my problem to deal with.

I zoomed in on the wall pictured above and noticed all these X's. As you can see, these are all the bricks that need replacing. What a horrible thought that this is exactly the problem stretching all the way to the top of the building.

So as I have mentioned, our grief has not ended. Not only has the work continued, we also found out the lower layer of our balcony was rotting. The geniuses at Cheung Kong used weather proof decking but not so for the layer supporting it underneath. YEY! So instead of a flat surface for our kids to run around and use their scooters on, they have been dodging pits and bumps. After informing our landlord again, they agreed to remove the bottom layer. So why even have it in the first place you ask? Mankind will never know.

Here they are pulling the bottom layer away.

From these 2 pictures you can see how much the wood had rotted away. This is only 2 of the dozens of bits they pulled away. A few were littered with cockroaches too. Disgusting! And to think the management people were telling me the reason why there are cockroaches is because of the stuff we left on the balcony. Yeah, patio furniture and some blow up pools. At least now that they saw exactly where the colony of roaches live they know it has nothing to do with our stuff.

At this point I will not stop whinging and whining about Cheung Kong. I know we do not own our unit, but short of suing our landlord, this is the most I am willing to do. Hubby says he does not have the patience and time to actually take legal action. So in the meantime, I will raise as much hell as I can. More to come folks!