Thursday, September 01, 2011

George Michael Up Close

Hubby and I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Prague and Denmark over the weekend. The main purpose of our trip was to finally introduce Hubby to my other man George Michael who was kicking off his Symphonica Tour in Europe. We missed the pre-sale ticket opportunity for his first performance at Prague, so caught his second concert of the tour at Herning, Denmark. It finally paid off to be a George Michael fan club member, because our tickets were awesome! We were 6 rows from the front and almost smack in the center. I've never felt so close to George before. And so thrilled Hubby was there to share in such a wonderful experience.

This is his fourth concert I've been to and each time I tell myself this will be the last, I only end up wanting to go to another one! There's just something about his voice. I'm mesmerized everytime I hear him sing. Even Hubby said George Michael has a really good voice. But then again, he was thrilled that they serve beer at the venue and 3 big servings with 3 hot dogs before the concert began. But seriously, no one can sing like him.
Jyske Bank Boxen Arena in Herning, Denmark

One major thing I noticed about George Michael this time is that he's lost so much weight! I still had the pictures I took of him during his last concert in Melbourne and we were comparing them. He didn't have the tummy anymore and he looked really fit. Then I read the program and he said after cleaning up his act he's lost 15kgs.

Like I said after going to his last concerts in Australia, I had a feeling he would get off the alcohol and drugs, clean his life up, realize he's starting a new life and want to tour again. And boy was a right. That was basically what he said in the program.

But although I can keep going on and on about how awesome George Michael is, this trip was more about Hubby sharing the experience with me. After going to 3 concerts by myself, having Hubby by my side, watching me go all gooey and silly made the concert even more unforgettable.


christao408 said...

Fantastic that Chris went with you!

christao408 said...

Really like George Michael!