Tuesday, August 09, 2011

You Never Stop Missing Them

While on holidays in the States this July, we went to my grandmother's grave to visit. We make it a point to pay tribute to her whenever someone comes back to the Bay Area for a visit. My aunt was also visiting from Michigan, so it was a good time to go. I also used the opportunity to give the kids some very basic ideas about heaven and what happens when someone dies.

The cemetery is located in a beautiful spot and although its sad to see that so many people have passed, the beauty and serenity of the view makes you feel otherwise.

Every time my mom comes to visit her mother's grave, she always makes it a point to sing a Chinese song called "Mother Where Art Thou?". My aunt asked her why they had to sing it and she said that was what their mother requested when she was still alive. My uncle, mom and aunt started singing the song and after a while I noticed my mom and aunt were crying. Watching them made me tear up as well and even as I type this, I'm tearing up again.

Boy Wonder and Nachos were asking me about heaven and what happened to their great grandmother. It was difficult to say exactly, but at least the simple explanation that she got very sick and is now in heaven was good enough for them. Thank goodness!

Just the other day while I was on the MTR, I started thinking about my grandmother and how much I miss her. You never stop missing a loved one. She passed away from a stroke in 2001. I was still living in the Philippines and did not fly back to see her. My mom told me its better that my last memories of her are when she was still well, instead of someone full of tubes lying on a hospital bed. I always wish my grandmother would have been around to see me and my brother get married and to see her great grand children. She always asked when I was going to get married and always said how she would love to be at my wedding. She passed away the year I met Hubby.

The father of one of my closest friends in the world suddenly died of a heart attack in July. He was like a father to me. His passing is more like loosing a relative. I told her just like my grand mother, we will never stop missing them.

Rest in peace Tito R. We miss you already.