Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Very Super Mario Birthday Party

Greatly inspired by my friend B in Melbourne over the Easter holiday, (which I still need to post about) I tried my hand at making Boy Wonder's birthday cake again this year. B's creations in fondant were SO good I just had to try it myself. And besides, no cake shop in town had what I was looking for.

Boy Wonder and most kids at his age at the moment are all into Super Mario, so I started researching and buying equipment to make him a Super Mario birthday cake. After 2 weeks of planning, shopping (thank goodness we live so close to Shanghai Street) and sculpting, I am SO proud to present Boy Wonder's birthday cake and matching cupcakes:

I totally forgot to take pictures of the side of the cake which had a cloud, a red mushroom and Yoshi. I originally wanted to place different Mario characters on the cupcakes but over estimated the size of the cup cakes. Although I ended up having a few Yoshi's, mushrooms and Fire flowers, I just used one of each for the cake instead. I think having all the cupcakes in one design avoided the possibility of all the kids arguing who gets which.

The Mario Kart figures on the cake are actual toys I bought at the Wan Chai market. I definitely did not have the time and patience to make it all out of fondant!

I booked a Science show for the party, but since they came late we had to do the cake first. We only had the function room for 2 hours.

A giant potato canon!

The birthday boy under a curtain of dry ice smoke.

The birthday boy being mummified by a toilet paper canon.

Instead of goody bags, I had these Mario Coin Box templates printed out and assembled. The template was down loaded off the internet. Of course I filled them with gold chocolate coins.

After the party was over many of the kids stayed to go swimming at the pool. Although there were little hitches today I think all went quite well.

I'm sure I ended up spending more than if I ordered a custom cake, but since I enjoyed it and learned from it, it was all worth it. But then again, even though making the cake was great, I'm glad to know that I can just leave the cake making to B when we move back to Melbourne in the future!


Pam said...

I love the cake! Domestic goddess! :)

christao408 said...

Wow, awesome job! That's about a million miles more than I would do if I had children.