Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not My Kid

I have little patience when it comes to my kids, more so yours. Don't get me wrong, if anyone hurts or picks on any of my friends' kids, I will come after you, but don't expect me to be patient with them either. This world has enough brats and spoiled kids. Sadly the One Child Policy in China is churning them out too quickly. I expect my kids to behave and treat other kids with respect and I certainly expect other kids to do the same. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like many parents share my point of view.

I was going to vent about this a few weeks ago, but since it was right around Mother's Day, I thought I should hold off. I even thought about not writing about it, but after our trip to the Play Room today, my fire is fueled again. I need to write about it and vent.

It all started last month during Nacho's Sports Day. The whole kindergarten went to Aberdeen at 10 am to have a whole morning filled with sports and games. I went along with her thinking it would be fun and quick and that we should be home well before lunch. Boy was I wrong.

Although it was a beautiful day, the heat of the sun quickly started baking all of us on the sports ground. Nachos was having a great time, running, chasing after balls, laughing and winning. Her head was soaked with sweat within a few minutes, but at least she was having a blast. I only wished I was having as much fun as she was. I admit I had to keep her in line a few times, but I was there, making sure she played fair and took turns. But where the heck were the rest of the adults?

A few kids started picking on each other. Some started snatching balls from others, cutting in line, running off with the balls, etc. I tried to ignore them at first, but after a full hour under the sun, I was tired, hot and my patience dissolved. During a round of soccer wherein the kids had to line up into 2 lines and take turns kicking the ball around a row of cones, I lost it. After Nachos took her turn, a few boys started kicking the ball elsewhere. Another took the ball as his own and cut into the front of the line. I looked up, had no idea which one the mum was and took things into my own hands. I sternly but politely asked the kid to give back the ball, made him go to the end of the line like everyone else. I grabbed a few others, asked them to line up and tried to maintain any form of order I could. All this time a group of mums were standing a few feet away. One gave me a look like she didn't know whether she approved of what I was doing or not. It was obvious one of the gremlins was her's. When we moved on to the next activity, one kid made another cry. The crying child ran to his mum for comfort, and what did she do? She shushes him and made him go to the helper since she was too busy chatting!!! The kid that was the trouble maker, and had been for a few activities now was on his own, because his mum it turns out, was sitting a few hundred feet away, under the shade of the bleachers, yacking away with other mums! If you've gone through the trouble of sacrificing your precious morning to take your child to a school event, you can at least join in! School activities is not DAY CARE. If you want to unleash your brat, let him do it at home.

Then today at the Play Room, there was a birthday party next door. It was obvious many of the parents decided to unleash their brats into the Play Room while they chatted and ate in the function room next door. There were a few kids throwing toys down the slide and from the jungle gym. I sternly told them not to because they could hit someone. While I was doing that, 2 of the parents came in to take pictures of the kids. Instead of joining me and asking their kids not to throw toys, they just stood there, taking pictures. Of course most of them didn't listen and kept throwing toys. Not too long after that a kid threw a toy and hit Nachos on her head. She started crying and came to me. I looked over to the 2 adults that were standing there and asked them if Throwing Kid was with them. Idiot Lady looks at me and asks "which one?". WHAT THE???!!!! I pointed the kid out to her and she said yes, still with a blank expression. I pointed the crying Nachos to her without saying anything before she begrudgingly tells her kid not to do it again and to come say sorry. So clearly she knew what had happened, but decided to turn a blind eye.

After a few minutes, they were all called next door since it was cake cutting time. Too short a while later while we were getting ready to go, 2 of the trouble makers came back in with the mum. She pops her head in to see them go in then leaves them there to go back to the party! As everyone knows, you are not suppose to leave your kids unattended at the playground, play room or anywhere! And more so if they are the troublesome kind. I got really upset and called the Clubhouse management. Lord only knows what the lame management people did or did not do, but at least I called.

So if you ever decide to unleash your child to wreak havoc on the playground or pick on other kids while I'm around, don't worry, my lack of patience will keep them line. In turn, I'll have every right to judge you as a parent. Oh, but I'll make sure I'll be polite at least.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


There is a certain website in HK where I sometimes post items we don't need anymore to sell. When we moved to Melbourne on '08, I was able to sell a number of our furniture and even met some nice and really interesting people on these transactions. But today, I am reminded that there are just as many idiots out there.

This morning, I posted a baby mattress on the site and below is the actual ad I wrote:

I have a mattress that was used with the MIBB cot. The cot broke and now we have a lonely mattress. The dimensions are:

50 inches x 26 inches x 4.5 inches

I'm giving it away for free. It is still in pretty good condition. You just need to remove the mattress cover and give it a wash.

You can contact me at xxxxxxxx if interested.

The first call I got was from an Indian sounding guy asking me if I can arrange for delivery. I firmly said no. He mumbled A LOT of other things but I couldn't understand since it was a really bad connection. After a few more firm NO's from me, he asked if it was a single size or double size mattress. What the??? I firmly told him it was for a baby! He hung up. Idiot!

Then just now I get a text from someone, and I quote:

"Is the mattress still available? Is it a single or double size?"

Is this the same guy I spoke to today??? I wasn't in a pleasant mood, so I texted back that yes it was still available and that the answers are all clearly stated on my ad.

He then texts back:

"It says 50" x 26". So either you got it wrong or you're selling a mattress for oompa loompas."

HAHAHA!!! I had such a good laugh reading that message. But after that I texted him back:

"Hello? Its a mattress for a cot!"

And then he texts me back:

"I guess you messed up the measurements when you wrote them then. 50 inches is less than 5 feet. You should really lose the attitude. It's really classless."

I should have texted him back that he was CLUELESS!

Am I the only one who is completely lost as to what his problem is??? I was telling Hubby about what was going on as the texts were coming in. He told me not to respond and waste my time and his hard earned money to pay for my texts to idiot guy, so I didn't.

It's weird, I'm pissed off but at the same time I can't help giggling everytime I think about the oompa loompa text. I kinda feel sorry for the guy. He clearly didn't know what a cot meant. I can just imagine him or her, telling a friend what just happened and then the friend will explain to him/her what a cot is and realize just how much of an idiot he was.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Very Super Mario Birthday Party

Greatly inspired by my friend B in Melbourne over the Easter holiday, (which I still need to post about) I tried my hand at making Boy Wonder's birthday cake again this year. B's creations in fondant were SO good I just had to try it myself. And besides, no cake shop in town had what I was looking for.

Boy Wonder and most kids at his age at the moment are all into Super Mario, so I started researching and buying equipment to make him a Super Mario birthday cake. After 2 weeks of planning, shopping (thank goodness we live so close to Shanghai Street) and sculpting, I am SO proud to present Boy Wonder's birthday cake and matching cupcakes:

I totally forgot to take pictures of the side of the cake which had a cloud, a red mushroom and Yoshi. I originally wanted to place different Mario characters on the cupcakes but over estimated the size of the cup cakes. Although I ended up having a few Yoshi's, mushrooms and Fire flowers, I just used one of each for the cake instead. I think having all the cupcakes in one design avoided the possibility of all the kids arguing who gets which.

The Mario Kart figures on the cake are actual toys I bought at the Wan Chai market. I definitely did not have the time and patience to make it all out of fondant!

I booked a Science show for the party, but since they came late we had to do the cake first. We only had the function room for 2 hours.

A giant potato canon!

The birthday boy under a curtain of dry ice smoke.

The birthday boy being mummified by a toilet paper canon.

Instead of goody bags, I had these Mario Coin Box templates printed out and assembled. The template was down loaded off the internet. Of course I filled them with gold chocolate coins.

After the party was over many of the kids stayed to go swimming at the pool. Although there were little hitches today I think all went quite well.

I'm sure I ended up spending more than if I ordered a custom cake, but since I enjoyed it and learned from it, it was all worth it. But then again, even though making the cake was great, I'm glad to know that I can just leave the cake making to B when we move back to Melbourne in the future!