Friday, April 01, 2011

Back On Air

Sorry for the silence! After coming back from our holidays at the end of January, I resumed our desperate hunt for a new place. After getting totally depressed at how shocking rent is in Hong Kong and wearing my friend/novice real estate agent Mayapapaya to the ground, we finally found a new place in the "dark side". It's the first time since living in HK that we have moved to the Kowloon area, specifically in Ho Man Tin.

My concerns at first was the longer commute Hubby will have to make to and from work everyday. With him being so busy and hardly home lately, I knew moving to Kowloon would mean even less time with the family for him. Although Boy Wonder's school is very close, that meant I would have to drive Nachos to school everyday. I also had to consider the fact that most of my close friends lived on HK Island.

But after looking at so many flats and seeing how they all seem to be shrinking with each new viewing, I finally gave in and told M to show me units near Boy Wonder's school. The first few ones near his school were not impressive, but then she showed me Celestial Heights...

M told me just by the look of my face and the way I grabbed her arm when we entered the first flat in that development, she knew we had found the right place. In my excitement I could have signed the lease straight away, but good thing she pulled me back to earth and showed me a few other units to compare. Although I would have loved to move into the 2600 square foot unit that I saw, it was this smaller unit we finally decided on. Hubby didn't even need to see it when I told him about it:

As you can see, we couldn't deprive the kids this opportunity to have a urban-style backyard, and two of them at that! We have just purchased a 10 foot kiddie pool and will set it up once Summer is in full swing. The facilities here are great too. There is this beautiful outdoor pool which will open at the end of April:

There is also a lovely indoor pool with 4 smaller pools with varying temperatures. The playroom isn't as nice as the one we had when we lived in Bel-Air, but this is still SO much better than having no facilities.

Celestial Heights is located on a street with literally dozens of schools scattered around it. You see hundreds of students walking around in the morning. Its good in a sense that you know it seems like a safe environment outside the gates of the development. But traffic does get a bit nutty when the school bell rings for everyone to go home. We are also just a stones throw away from shops, markets, laundry, hardware stores, etc. I can finally send our helper out with Poseidon on the pram to do some shopping. Poseidon loves being pushed around, seeing so many new sights and seeing people walking around. He is no longer cooped up in an apartment like before.

At the moment the only thing that sucks is having to drive Nachos to school everyday. She is still at the school near our old place. It takes around 30 minutes to get there due to terrible traffic conditions before the Cross Harbour Tunnel from Kowloon to HK. It takes around 20 minutes coming back if I make sure I leave Nachos' school before 3:30. Its shocking how bad traffic gets the moment I miss that 5 minute window. I usually run errands while I'm waiting for Nachos to get off school. And sometimes I just park at a few spots I've found that are free parking and read a book. At least I've finally found the time to read a book! I haven't done that since before Boy Wonder was born!!!

Nachos finishes at this school at the end of June. We'll be going to the US for the whole month and July. I am crossing my fingers Nachos will be given a spot at Boy Wonder's school by the time we return.

When I no longer have to drive Nachos to school everyday, I will be doing a lot of exploring. I have a feeling our stay in Hong Kong this time would definitely be the last (I hope I didn't just jinx it!). I want to make sure I truly discover Hong Kong and properly document it.