Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hooray for Recoveries!

A friend of mine recently announced she got the all clear from her doctors about her breast cancer. Although I seemed calm, I was jumping for joy at her great news. You always hear about those that passed away from cancer, but don't often hear about those who beat it. I've blogged twice about 2 of our really close family friends that passed away from cancer here and here. Both of them died from lung cancer. Heck the reason why I started to blog was to write about Sun baba. This time I wanted to simply share my joy at my friend's recovery, but instead I realized something scary. In my lifetime, other than my grandmother, all the people whom I have known personally that passed away, passed away from cancer. There are 7 of them.

The very first person I knew that passed away was a guy I met in high school. His name was Chemma. He died of brain cancer after high school. The last time I met him was during our high school school fair. I was trying to set him up with a classmate of mine because they looked so alike, but it didn't work out. The last time I heard of him was when he was starting to not recognize his friends. It was so hard to listen to news like that. I can only imagine the sadness his close friends were going through. One of them dedicated his first published comic book to him.

The rest of the people were all family friends. 2 were non-smokers who got lung cancer breathing in their husband's second hand smoke. I cannot begin to imagine the guilt their husbands must have felt.

But enough of the losses. I hope from now on, I will start to hear about recoveries more. With all the medical advancements today, there has to be more happy endings. And hopefully one day there will be no more news of anyone getting cancer.

With the love, support and prayers from her 3 kids, loving husband and friends, S has beat her breast cancer and we are all so happy to have her with us for a heap more years to come. Congratulations on your recovery S.