Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Scary Movies

The TV series "The Walking Dead" started a few days ago. I've always been interested in scary movies, but too chicken to actually watch any. So when the series started, I looked it up online and read the synopsis. It didn't sound too scary so when it showed on FX and the kids weren't around, I watched a few minutes of it. Now I totally regret doing it.

I've always liked scary shows, more for the story line and not the scare factor. I'm intrigued by how these scary scenarios come about. When The Blair Witch Project came out in 1999, I completely freaked myself out reading the website they had for people to visit before watching the movie. A lot of people didn't get the movie and I think it was because they didn't go to the website first. I couldn't sleep for 3 nights after watching it.

Same goes for The Sixth Sense. I had no idea just how scary the movie turned out to be! I closed my eyes at the part when the little girl visited the boy hiding in his tent in his bedroom. Its like every little kids' nightmare! I couldn't sleep for 5 nights after that movie!

My problem with scary movies is that I play the scary scenes in my mind over and over again. From something that might not have been so scary, it becomes scary because each time I revisit it in my head I place myself in the person's situation and freak myself out.

So a few nights ago, when I watched The Walking Dead, it was the part when they were attacked by the zombies at night. One of the main characters lost her daughter during the attach. She's sitting next to her dead body and in the morning when her daughter opened her eyes as a zombie and slowly raised her head with her mouth open, wanting to take a bite at her, she took out her gun and shot it in the head. It was gross, sad and scary all at the same time. I couldn't get that scene out of my mind. I started playing it over and over again and placed myself in their situation. How scary is it to never know when you'll be attacked next. You're in constant flight mode because you can't fight them by yourself.

So after one sleepless night, what did I do? Crazy me, I look up 2 other movies that had a similar story line: 28 Days Later and I Am Legend. As usual I'm too chicken to actually watch it so I read the whole story on The Movie Spoiler online. I was so scared at the end that I didn't put Poseidon's bottle of formula in the fridge because I was too scared to go out of the bedroom. haha!

I told Hubby about my morbid fascination with the movies and all I got was a blank stare. I was asking him which he felt was the scariest. The zombies in The Walking Dead are slow moving, human eating and come out during the day and night. The infected people in 28 Days later are alive, eat people, move in human speed and come out during the day and night as well. The infected people in I Am Legend have super human strength, eat people but can only come out at night. I think the ones in I Am Legend are the scariest. I can only imagine what they look like because I'm scared that what I have pictured in my mind is nothing as scary as what the movie depicts.

I have a feeling if I'll get to use my film-making abilities which I learned in college that I'll be able to make a really good scary movie. Heck, my final project in college was a scary movie. I rewrote and produced a scary urban legend. A driver was freaked out because someone was tailing her and kept flashing his lights at her. It was only after she got to a safe place and got out of the car that the driver following her explained the reason why he kept flashing his lights was to stop whomever was in her back seat each time it got up to stab her. They walk over to her car only to find a knife on the back seat. My spin on the story which I entitled "Told You So" ended with the male driver driving off and saying to himself "I told her so" and just as the film fades to black you see a knife coming at him from the backseat.

With all the scary scenarios I play in my mind, I'm sure it'll be easy enough to put it all down on paper and make it into a movie someday. But first I'll have to get over my fears of my own scary thoughts!

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