Thursday, November 25, 2010

Press Up To Go Up You Moron!

One of the things I truly cannot stand about people in Hong Kong is the way they use elevators/lifts. Most people here press the down or up button with no clue as to what they are for. They think you press down because they see the lift needs to come down for them to get on. And if the lift does not show where it is while you are waiting, they just press both buttons! And most of the time, a whole bunch of them just get on no matter where they are going which screws everyone up because they ride all the way up and leave no space for those upstairs to come down.

I was running errands today and while waiting for the lift to go down, an old man comes along, sees that both lifts are on the lower floors and presses the up button. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I gesture to him when the lift going up arrives. He sees it and ignores it. Bastard! I was not surprised. There were no other people waiting to go up. If I were in the lift, I'd be shaking my head that some idiot has pressed the up button but did not need to go up. The lift door closes and the one going down arrives and we both step in. I look at him and told him he shouldn't press the up button if he wanted to go down. He glares at me and says in Chinese what's it to me. I told him doing that wastes other people's time. He then says what does he care about other people's time. At that point I knew it would be a waste of my time to argue with him, so instead I laughed at him and said he doesn't even know how to use the lift. hehe. I think that pissed him off even more, so my tactic worked. So I said it again and got off the lift while making an audible chuckle while the man was saying other words in anger. What a moron. Its people like that, with the I don't care about other people attitude that do no favors for Hong Kong.

I've also noticed a few of the buildings in Central have now installed these fancy lifts that asks you to punch in the floor you need to go to instead of an up or down button. Its hilarious watching some people trying to figure it out. They're looking up to see where the lifts are then when they proceed to press a button they're baffled at the lack of an up or down button. Some just go into a random lift and you just catch their expression of panic when they see there are no number buttons inside as the doors close. HAHAHA! I can totally imagine that old man stepping in and wet his pants because he doesn't know where he's going.

That's one thing I need to deal with in terms of people here. Many of them are oblivious to the world around them. They are on their iPods or walking with blinders on. They don't care about anyone or anything but themselves. You see people cross the street without even checking for cars coming. Hubby and I are constantly amazed that there aren't more reports of people being run over in Hong Kong. Even my ex-friend, she walked right past me ON the escalator, with no space between us without seeing me!

I know these are just petty things, but since I have to deal with it almost everyday, I can't help but have to tell some people off. So the next time you press the lift button, better make sure you press the right one because I just might be standing next to you to give you an ear full!
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