Monday, November 29, 2010

Harder Than Yoga

I got this really good deal on Twangoo a month ago for unlimited yoga sessions for a month. I told myself I would go at least 3 times a week for the whole month. So far I've been 3 times and its been 2 weeks now since the last time I went. I told myself I will go last Saturday morning since we had nothing planned. Hubby and my folks were home so there really wasn't a good excuse for me to flake out... until Boy Wonder asked me really nicely if I could make him a marble machine.

I've seen a few too many marble machine contraptions on You Tube due to Boy Wonder's fascination with them. I've always said to myself who would be bored enough to spend so much time and energy to figure out how to make a marble go from point A to point B while raiding your mother's cupboard or your dad's tool box while filling your room with every toy imaginable. Well now I know. All it takes is a very sincere and nice "please" from your kid.

I thought to myself it shouldn't take very long and it was only 9am. It should take me less than an hour and give me heaps of time to get to the 10:30 am yoga session. Boy was I wrong! It was after lunch by the time we were done.

So here is the bloody contraption we came up with. We've posted it on You Tube so Boy Wonder is now over the moon that he finally has something that people can look at as well that belongs to him. Who knew making something like this would be more difficult than yoga!

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