Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dumplings From Scratch

With the arrival of my parents come my mom's home cooked meals again. We made dumplings from scratch today and since I don't know how to make the wrapper, I've documented it.
The dough is simply made from all purpose flour and water. After mixed well, it is kneaded until slightly firm.
The dough is then formed into a giant donut around 2cm in thickness, then cut and straightened.
It is then cut into 1.5 cm sections, sharp edges rounded and squished with your hands to make small disks.
This is where some fancy rolling skills come to play. Each disk needs to be rolled such that the middle is a bit thicker than the edges. That way the filling won't rupture the wrapper.
Perfectly rolled dumpling wrappers.
The filling is then wrapped inside, making sure it does not touch the edges or else the dumpling will break when cooked.
It's all in how you hold the dumpling that makes the perfect shaped morsel.
 Rows of perfectly wrapped dumplings, ready for the freezer.
For a healthier alternative to pot stickers, boil the dumplings until they float up and puff up a bit. Make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the pot by stirring it just a little bit with the back of your ladle when dropped into the pot.
 My mom also make scallion pies with boiled water, flour, scallion, salt and oil. YUM!
I'm looking forward to more of my mom's cooking the next few weeks. I'll make sure I document more of the meals so my helper and I can learn!


I just thought I should include the recipe for the filling as well. Please note this is Chinese cooking, so there are no exact measurements. I will try to give the best description possible:

1 kg. ground pork
Chinese cabbage - same amount in volume, not weight as the pork, chopped up and sprinkled and tossed generously with salt, set aside
chopped mushroom - half in volume as the pork
minced garlic
minced ginger
chopped green onion
soy sauce
white pepper

sesame oil
vegetable oil

1. Mix one cup of water into the ground pork. Mix until the water is fully incorporated into the meat.
2. Squeeze water out of the cabbage. Throw out the liquid. Mix cabbage into the meat.
3. Mix chopped mushrooms into mixture.
4. Depending on your personal taste, mix in desired amount of ginger, garlic, green onion and remaining condiments.
5. Add sesame oil until mixture smells of the sesame, don't put too much!
6. Add vegetable oil and mix until the filling has a nice glossy texture.

Wrap your dumplings! Enjoy!

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ragamuffin girl said...

can she teach me how to make dumplings too? J loves loves loves 'em! and she makes it look so easy, and so enjoyable to do!

Renee said...

Hi tehlin. I've been making dumplings here, only with he use off store bought and ready to wrap dough. Now I can make dough from scratch and will also try the scallion pancake. Thanks for the post. Regards to the family.

Bandit said...

My mom would love to teach! We had a dumpling making class back when I was in highschool and my friends came to our house to learn. When you want to come?

Anonymous said...

Would you post the recipe for the scallion pancakes too?

:-) Cands S

Bandit said...

Hi Cands! I'll ask my mom to make some more in the next few days and I'll document it too.