Saturday, October 02, 2010

Poseidon Turns Three Months!

Just wanted to happily announce Poseidon turned 3 months today!

Poseidon at 1 month

Poseidon at 2 months

Poseidon at 3 months

Although he still doesn't have a set schedule, he seems to be more settled now. I am crossing my fingers he'll get his body clock set into a more predictable schedule in the next few weeks so it's easier to schedule around his nap times.

He's recently discovered his hands and stares at it whenever he figures out how to position it in front of him. He also likes sucking on them. He's also started laughing which is just adorable. I'll try to record that one of these days.

Sleep training starts after our house guest comes and leaves next week!

My 3 little treasures

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