Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Ain't No Supermom

I've been whinging a lot lately about how tough life has been. I complained about Poseidon not sleeping well and thus I've been lacking sleep. I thought things would be easy since I have a full time helper, but so far my 3 kids have been a force more powerful than 2 grown ups can handle without sweating profusely. Whenever I see Ernie and Bert wish each other good night in their beds while watching TV with the kids, a pang of jealousy engulfs me because I wished I were in bed too. But then I think about all my friends out there who live in countries with no helpers, and I tell myself I ain't no supermom after all.

It's been more hectic around the house lately since I've been checking out apartments for us to move to next year and also for my brother who is moving here for work. One of the Thursday Group ladies has also just announced that they are moving back to Manila which means finding time to be with her before tearful goodbyes. Boy Wonder had 2 and a half weeks of term break which meant I had to look for ways to keep him occupied by way of art and cooking classes. And now Nachos will also be going on term break next week. The last few weeks had been filled with constant pick ups and drop offs while working around Poseidon's nap times. And since I am up twice a night to feed Poseidon and can't seem to fall back asleep after 4am, I just want to pass out on the coach when all kids are home from school. My friends ask me how I have been able to manage with 3 kids and only 1 helper. Its moments like these that I am tempted to request we hire a second helper.

But during these moments of fatigue, I think about people like my brother in law. He is a full time dad with twins. He does the cooking, cleaning, shopping and watches 1 year old twins while doing all of that. How does he do it??? I know I can do the same, but I would just not be pleasant to be around if I did. How do parents out there juggle spending time with their kids but keep the house clean and cook meals at the same time? I try to imagine what life would be like had we not moved back to Hong Kong and it scares me. All I can think about would be an extremely cranky me, fridge full of take aways and house in a mess. I definitely would not be breastfeeding and my kids would probably like me a whole lot less.

I am so humbled by all the true supermoms and dads out there. They are able to manage a whole house but at the same time raise happy and healthy kids. I am amazed at how they are able to do all the chores but still have enough reserves to play, read to and entertain their children. That is the most tiring part! Every afternoon after the kids come home from school, both Boy Wonder and Nachos are asking me to play with them while I'm breastfeeding Poseidon. Our helper can't lend a hand because she needs to start preparing for dinner. I then think about those parents with a dozen children on TV and I feel sad because their home may be clean and their kids may be fed, but how do they give each of their kids the love and attention they need?

All I can say is that realizing my weakness has made me even more thankful that I live in a country where full time help is affordable. I know it'll be a bit of a shock to the system when we go back to Melbourne in December for the summer holiday. I will do my best to harness all of the super powers of all the supermoms and dads out there to make it through with a smile!
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mida said...

Honey, WHO is moving back to Manila??? I hope I get some email about the news at least. Thanks for keeping me in the loop through TLY. :D

christao408 said...

Perhaps we just learn to adapt to whatever circumstances we have. Parents without help who have never had help probably feel every bit as thankful that they don't have more children or are an only parent, for example.