Sunday, August 08, 2010


I was just watching some TV while Poseidon is sleeping in his rocker. It's Sunday so our helper is on her day off. Hubby, Boy Wonder and Nachos are in Melbourne so its been extremely quiet. I was just sitting there when I was reminded how this was what it was like when we first had Boy Wonder. How time flies.

We were living in South Horizons then and we didn't have a helper. Hubby was always at work and traveled a lot. I remember there were many afternoons when I took Boy Wonder out for walks along the water or went shopping across the street. There was nobody but me and Boy Wonder. Who would have known 6 years later, I'm doing the same thing again. But at least this time it will only be temporary.

Each time I look at our old pictures and look at our now 3 kids, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. We have come so far from our tiny apartment in Happy Valley. We used to pay HK$9700 for rent at South Horizons! And I remember lugging a vacuum cleaner back to our apartment because I was too cheap to take a cab. Now we have a car and we live in Central. At least each time we move back to Hong Kong, we're climbing up the social ladder.

I'm looking forward to having all 3 of them back from Melbourne on Tuesday. I like the peace and quiet, but nothing beats the peace I get from checking up on my kids fast asleep in their beds at night.

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christao408 said...

Enjoy the quiet time! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in a few months.