Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer's Almost Here!

Today was Nachos' last day at K1. She went to school in a dress and I was able to take some pictures of her in class.

I can still remember the few weeks of school when we had to pry her off my arms on the odd occasion when she didn't want me to leave her there. But during the last 2 weeks of school, she had been sending me on my way and asking me to go even before she entered her class area. I am so proud of her! She's really grown, even in just baby steps these past few months.

Her growing up in front of my eyes makes me realize I missed out on Boy Wonder growing up around the time Nachos was born. Boy Wonder was 2 years 7 months old when Nachos was born. I missed out on him getting used to school because it was my parents that took him to school everyday while they were here. Then I was so busy breastfeeding and getting used to having a new baby around that I don't remember much of that critical toddler to little man stage they say happens between the age of 2 and 3. At least with Nachos, I totally witnessed it and am amazed at how a little person transforms in such a short time.

Poseidon is scheduled to arrive next week, and I am grateful that the timing this time has given me the chance to watch Boy Wonder and Nachos mature even a bit more in these first few months in HK. I'm glad I'm at least able to be there and see them get used to school and settled down before I will be completely occupied with a new human in the house.

Boy Wonder's last day for this term will be on Friday. I was able to attend their parent-student-teacher conference which I thought was a great idea. I really liked how the students are incorporated into the whole 1 hour and we were able to interact together and get a better sense of how our kids are doing in class. I'm glad Boy Wonder is fitting in just fine and on track with his academics.

Grandma also arrives tomorrow morning, so I'm sure I'll have a sense of relief with an extra pair of hands around with the summer holidays beginning. Grandma is also very patient with the kids, so at least she'll be keeping them occupied after Poseidon arrives.

In the meantime I'm just making the most of the few remaining days of having 2 kids. It'll be so interesting to see how the dynamics of everything will change once there will be 3!

My kids are such goof balls


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