Thursday, April 29, 2010

Settling In

So our stuff finally arrived on Monday. I was impressed at how punctual they were! And even more amazing was that they were all done in 2 hours!

At around 9am Monday morning, while I was having breakfast with Nachos, the movers arrived. They immediately lay down protective cardboard on the floor and on the walls. The list of all the numbered boxes were handed to me and they immediately started calling out the numbers while unpacking them and making sure I checked them off.

I was fortunate enough to get someone to come help me that morning to do most of the organizing in the kitchen. And just like when they packed up in Melbourne, I was glad I had the excuse of being pregnant and just sitting there eating while everyone around me worked.

It felt like we had tons of stuff, but after 2 hours and 80 boxes wheeled in, there were hardly any unpacked boxes left and the kitchen was almost all organized! Later that day I had someone else come in to help me unpack the rest of the boxes and I am glad to say our apartment is looking homey now.

Now all I need to do is get a helper's bed and some shelving to organize the kids toys and books and my clothes.

Can't wait to have a house warming!


Andrew Betts said...

It's looking good Sis !! Must be good to get out of the suitcase. Finally found 'that' item for Chris's birthday, mum and dad will be bringing it over with them shortly.

christao408 said...

Wow, you got most of the boxes unpacked in a single day? Incredible! Very impressive...