Saturday, April 03, 2010

Our Last Week in Melbourne

Although we have arrived in HK, I still have tons to update on our last week in Melbourne.

March 28 was Pop's 60th birthday. Hubby flew back from HK to help me pack up and be at Pop's surprise party on the 27th. Grandma had booked a private room at Donovan's and invited close friends and relatives months in advanced. She also got tickets for Pop's sister Dianne and her husband whom he had not seen in years to fly in from Sydney. We were all sworn to secrecy. So that meant we couldn't tell the kids in case they slipped!

Although it was the Grand Prix weekend in Melbourne, we were all able to get to the restaurant with no dramas and get into position for the surprise. It was wonderful and touching to see Pop reunited with his sister.

An Extremely Belated Hug

A small family reunion

That chocolate cake was heavenly!

The food at Donovan's was great and the service was the best I had ever encountered at any restaurant in ages. I was impressed!

The next day was a birthday bbq at Grandma and Pop's house. Although Pop took part in organizing the bbq, Grandma had another surprise for him that day. She had invited his other sister Anne. Hubby told me the last time he saw his auntie Anne was during Pop's 40th birthday. It was a great weekend of celebrations and reunion. But it was also a chance for us to say bye to everyone.

Chocolate mud cake the next day. Yum!!!

A true family reunion

Mud cake, tiramisu, passion fruit cake and pavlova. I was in heaven!

I took Hubby to the airport that night after the bbq while the kids stayed the night at Grandma and Pop's house. I went back to an empty house to do last minute preparations for the movers the next day. It was the first time I stayed in our house by myself and I hope would be the last.

I went to bed completely worn out that early morning and was up before the movers arrived at 830 am. It was strange watching the movers pack everything up again. Even more weird was watching them remove stuff from boxes which were packed when we left HK into new boxes to go back to HK.

All our kitchen stuff packed away

What our living room looked like after the packing

Bye stuff! See you in HK.

After everything was done, I drove back to Grandma and Pop's. I was surprised when I got completely emotional when Grandma asked me how it went and how I was doing. I did not expect to end up teary eyed telling her it had been an emotional day and that I can't believe we're doing this all over again.

She put her arms around me and told me she understands. She said although I do have close friends waiting for me in HK, now that I'm leaving I should know how many people love me in Melbourne too. And she's right. If I didn't feel all that love, I wouldn't be feeling this sad about leaving.

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