Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Back To Normal

We've pretty much moved out of the serviced apartment and are living a minimal existence at our proper apartment. The phone company guy is at our apartment now connecting our phone line and internet. But I found out last night that we have free wifi in this building! The cable guy will come later today so thankfully the kids will stop bugging each other with some Disney channel to keep them occupied.

Nachos started school this week. She did very well. The school is less than 10 minutes away from us by cab. No wonder the school bus doesn't come by our street. After I picked her up on the first day of school she was singing all the way home on the cab. I gather that must be a good sign.

Boy Wonder starts school next Tuesday. He has finally gotten a spot on the school bus. His pick up time right in front of our building is 645am! But thank goodness they have informed us there is a pick up point further away but is at 730am. I think for a few hundred Hongkie dollars more per month we will be glad to drop Boy Wonder off at the further pick up point 45 minutes later! And good thing he's the first one that will be dropped off so he gets home at 340pm. Now I just need to start waking up at 630am when he starts school. waaaaaah!

We've also started doing things that almost feels like life is starting to get back to normal. It was J's 7th birthday party yesterday and the kids and I all went. J is Ragamuffin's kid and Boy Wonder used to play with him all the time before we left HK. The party was held at Shakey's Pizza and they had a science show which the kids loved.

We also had our first visitors come visit us! Chris and Tawn arrived from Bangkok last week and it was great to see them. It was great trying out new restaurants and you can read all about his food adventures here on his website.

Now we're just waiting for our container to arrive and really start living a normal life. I'm getting sick of living out of our suit cases!

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