Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Week For Boy Wonder

This week brought 2 milestones in Boy Wonder's life. He started school at the Australian International School Hong Kong and he lost his first tooth!

It was a bit of a struggle to get Boy Wonder up Tuesday morning. He and Hubby had to be out of the house by 715am, so getting up before 7am was a bit of a shocker to the system. Although I didn't feel like I should, I ended up dressing him while he was still half asleep. Since he and Nachos share a room now, I rather help him up and out of the room than wake Nachos up.

But after Boy Wonder fully woke up and realized it was the first day of school he perked up immediately. And the added bonus of Baba taking him on the train was even more exciting.

Hubby said everything went smoothly at registration and he left the school with Boy Wonder looking fine.

I'm so proud of my little man!

And just yesterday his loose tooth finally came off! There was excitement all over the household as we quickly gave Baba a call to give him the news. Since we don't have any of our stuff yet, Hubby sacrificed his pillow so that Boy Wonder could leave his tooth under it for the Tooth Fairy to come. Hubby had a horrible night's sleep, but Boy Wonder was delighted this morning as he woke us up at 615 am to say he got 3 gold and silver coins!

We gave in and went and bought 2 pillows for the kids today so we could get our pillows back.

Can't wait to get our stuff on Monday!


Steven said...
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christao408 said...

The tooth finally came out! Yeah!!! Kids are so cute at the gap smile stage.