Thursday, April 29, 2010

Settling In

So our stuff finally arrived on Monday. I was impressed at how punctual they were! And even more amazing was that they were all done in 2 hours!

At around 9am Monday morning, while I was having breakfast with Nachos, the movers arrived. They immediately lay down protective cardboard on the floor and on the walls. The list of all the numbered boxes were handed to me and they immediately started calling out the numbers while unpacking them and making sure I checked them off.

I was fortunate enough to get someone to come help me that morning to do most of the organizing in the kitchen. And just like when they packed up in Melbourne, I was glad I had the excuse of being pregnant and just sitting there eating while everyone around me worked.

It felt like we had tons of stuff, but after 2 hours and 80 boxes wheeled in, there were hardly any unpacked boxes left and the kitchen was almost all organized! Later that day I had someone else come in to help me unpack the rest of the boxes and I am glad to say our apartment is looking homey now.

Now all I need to do is get a helper's bed and some shelving to organize the kids toys and books and my clothes.

Can't wait to have a house warming!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Week For Boy Wonder

This week brought 2 milestones in Boy Wonder's life. He started school at the Australian International School Hong Kong and he lost his first tooth!

It was a bit of a struggle to get Boy Wonder up Tuesday morning. He and Hubby had to be out of the house by 715am, so getting up before 7am was a bit of a shocker to the system. Although I didn't feel like I should, I ended up dressing him while he was still half asleep. Since he and Nachos share a room now, I rather help him up and out of the room than wake Nachos up.

But after Boy Wonder fully woke up and realized it was the first day of school he perked up immediately. And the added bonus of Baba taking him on the train was even more exciting.

Hubby said everything went smoothly at registration and he left the school with Boy Wonder looking fine.

I'm so proud of my little man!

And just yesterday his loose tooth finally came off! There was excitement all over the household as we quickly gave Baba a call to give him the news. Since we don't have any of our stuff yet, Hubby sacrificed his pillow so that Boy Wonder could leave his tooth under it for the Tooth Fairy to come. Hubby had a horrible night's sleep, but Boy Wonder was delighted this morning as he woke us up at 615 am to say he got 3 gold and silver coins!

We gave in and went and bought 2 pillows for the kids today so we could get our pillows back.

Can't wait to get our stuff on Monday!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Back To Normal

We've pretty much moved out of the serviced apartment and are living a minimal existence at our proper apartment. The phone company guy is at our apartment now connecting our phone line and internet. But I found out last night that we have free wifi in this building! The cable guy will come later today so thankfully the kids will stop bugging each other with some Disney channel to keep them occupied.

Nachos started school this week. She did very well. The school is less than 10 minutes away from us by cab. No wonder the school bus doesn't come by our street. After I picked her up on the first day of school she was singing all the way home on the cab. I gather that must be a good sign.

Boy Wonder starts school next Tuesday. He has finally gotten a spot on the school bus. His pick up time right in front of our building is 645am! But thank goodness they have informed us there is a pick up point further away but is at 730am. I think for a few hundred Hongkie dollars more per month we will be glad to drop Boy Wonder off at the further pick up point 45 minutes later! And good thing he's the first one that will be dropped off so he gets home at 340pm. Now I just need to start waking up at 630am when he starts school. waaaaaah!

We've also started doing things that almost feels like life is starting to get back to normal. It was J's 7th birthday party yesterday and the kids and I all went. J is Ragamuffin's kid and Boy Wonder used to play with him all the time before we left HK. The party was held at Shakey's Pizza and they had a science show which the kids loved.

We also had our first visitors come visit us! Chris and Tawn arrived from Bangkok last week and it was great to see them. It was great trying out new restaurants and you can read all about his food adventures here on his website.

Now we're just waiting for our container to arrive and really start living a normal life. I'm getting sick of living out of our suit cases!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life Begins Again In HK

Its been about a week and a half now since we arrived in HK. We're living in a tiny serviced apartment in Central, extremely close to Hubby's work. The kids are on holiday mode and not having too much structure to each day is starting to make them go a bit nutty. In addition to the excitement of being in a new place, Gong-gong and Puo-puo (my parents) were also here the first 4 days to add to the fun and mayhem.

We have received the keys to our new apartment already, but our container from Australia does not arrive in HK until the 19th. And it will still take 3-5 days for the container to be delivered to our place from the port. So in the meantime we'll have to settle for a tiny kitchen with limited kitchen items and living out of our luggage.

Our tiny kitchen.

View from our new apartment.

Boy Wonder having time-out.

Fun with Puo-puo.

Hanging with Gong-gong before they leave for the airport.

The weather in HK has also been terrible since we arrived. We have not seen blue skies as of yet. And with 80-95% humidity, I wonder how people even dry their laundry! It's something I've never worried about before, but having to bring our laundry to the shop every few days it needs to be tumble dried. I've only realized now that about 80% of all our clothes say "Do Not Tumble Dry". I've already noticed a few of the kids' clothes have shrunk... or maybe they've grown considerably in the last 2 weeks. And Nachos' new set of school uniform also said do not tumble dry which I dread to see all shrunken when I pick it up later today.

But one good thing about being back in HK is that the kids are being trained to be good walkers. I heard non-stop complaining the first few days from them about how tired they were and asking to have a drink everytime they see a 7-11. And to think when we first got here we were taking cabs everywhere. Now that we're settled in a bit more, I've put my foot down and we've been taking buses, mini-buses, trams and trains as much as possible. Good thing Boy Wonder is such a transportation nut or else I'll never hear the end of it.

I've also figured out what to do when no one offers me a seat on the train. I now make sure I enter the MTR where the handicap section is. And if no one offers me a seat, I simply walk over to the seats which are marked for persons in need or pregnant and firmly ask someone to get up. I've only done it once so far since most of the time someone gets up. But that one time, the guy who I asked to have the seat stared at me for a full 10 seconds and I had to point to the pregnant picture twice before he got the hint and reluctantly got up. I felt a bit bad about having to do it. But in the end, I couldn't be stuffed. I was tired, I had 2 kids clinging on me and was actually glad I was pregnant or else I would have had to stand!

Nachos starts school on Monday and we get to visit Boy Wonder's school that morning. I really hope Nachos settles into school quickly so I won't have to stay with her the whole afternoon. Since space is so limited everywhere in HK, they do not have a place for Boy Wonder to wait, so I've bribed him to stay with some friends for the afternoon.

I'm dreading and looking forward to school starting for both kids. I'm looking forward to it because at least both of them will be occupied and some structure will be restored. But I dread the logistics of having to bring them both and pick them up from school everyday. Boy Wonder is on the waiting list for the school bus and I have not signed Nachos up since I have no idea how she will do taking the bus by herself. I'll see how she goes the first week of school then sign her up if all is fine.

More updates again soon!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Our Last Week in Melbourne

Although we have arrived in HK, I still have tons to update on our last week in Melbourne.

March 28 was Pop's 60th birthday. Hubby flew back from HK to help me pack up and be at Pop's surprise party on the 27th. Grandma had booked a private room at Donovan's and invited close friends and relatives months in advanced. She also got tickets for Pop's sister Dianne and her husband whom he had not seen in years to fly in from Sydney. We were all sworn to secrecy. So that meant we couldn't tell the kids in case they slipped!

Although it was the Grand Prix weekend in Melbourne, we were all able to get to the restaurant with no dramas and get into position for the surprise. It was wonderful and touching to see Pop reunited with his sister.

An Extremely Belated Hug

A small family reunion

That chocolate cake was heavenly!

The food at Donovan's was great and the service was the best I had ever encountered at any restaurant in ages. I was impressed!

The next day was a birthday bbq at Grandma and Pop's house. Although Pop took part in organizing the bbq, Grandma had another surprise for him that day. She had invited his other sister Anne. Hubby told me the last time he saw his auntie Anne was during Pop's 40th birthday. It was a great weekend of celebrations and reunion. But it was also a chance for us to say bye to everyone.

Chocolate mud cake the next day. Yum!!!

A true family reunion

Mud cake, tiramisu, passion fruit cake and pavlova. I was in heaven!

I took Hubby to the airport that night after the bbq while the kids stayed the night at Grandma and Pop's house. I went back to an empty house to do last minute preparations for the movers the next day. It was the first time I stayed in our house by myself and I hope would be the last.

I went to bed completely worn out that early morning and was up before the movers arrived at 830 am. It was strange watching the movers pack everything up again. Even more weird was watching them remove stuff from boxes which were packed when we left HK into new boxes to go back to HK.

All our kitchen stuff packed away

What our living room looked like after the packing

Bye stuff! See you in HK.

After everything was done, I drove back to Grandma and Pop's. I was surprised when I got completely emotional when Grandma asked me how it went and how I was doing. I did not expect to end up teary eyed telling her it had been an emotional day and that I can't believe we're doing this all over again.

She put her arms around me and told me she understands. She said although I do have close friends waiting for me in HK, now that I'm leaving I should know how many people love me in Melbourne too. And she's right. If I didn't feel all that love, I wouldn't be feeling this sad about leaving.