Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trains and More Trains

While Hubby was here, there was an open day at the Newport Rail Workshop. Pop used to work there, so we weren't missing the opportunity to see a bit of family history and see some trains up close!

Pop showed us where he used to work. He used to be a boiler maker and do all sorts of other stuff. There is part of a train engine in the background in the pictures. You can also see Pop's old locker in the background.

They didn't just make and fix trains here. In the next picture you'll see 2 entrances wherein one not in its original state. Pop said once there was a ship that had to be worked on and they had to removed the bricks to get it in and out. That is why you see this particular entry way is different from the rest.

Here is Pop standing in front of dock number 10. That is where his father used to work from around 1921-1971. So much history!

One of the old trains

A before and after look at trains being worked on.

Train controller Boy Wonder.

Watching trains go by.

Workmen shoveling coal.

It was a fun afternoon looking all the trains and having some family time. Boy Wonder enjoyed walking through the trains and looking at where everything was. He got to touch the controls, hear the engines going and watch trains go by. Its things like that that we won't get to do once we're back in Hong Kong.

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