Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Surprise Visit

Last weekend Hubby made an unscheduled visit home to surprise the kids. It was wonderful having him home because over a month of absence would not have been good!

I told the kids what was going to happen the night before he was arriving. I said there's a surprise for them and when I told them it's that Baba was coming home the next morning, they looked at me blankly and said: No, really, what is the surprise? They're such clowns.

After we picked Hubby up at the airport early the next morning, all the fun and games began.

It was raining so the kids had a blast walking in the rain water.

Here they are playing with more drain water.

A sight I will miss after we move to HK. Its wonderful just watching the kids look out into our backyard while its raining.

I have no idea what came over them.

In addition to playing in the rain and just being silly in general, we also went to the railroad crossing again and watched trains go by.

Although Hubby was only home for 2 days, it was well worth the trip. Its almost like one of those credit card commercials:

Plane ticket: $1000
Chocolates for the kids: $30
Time spent with the family: Priceless


Pam said...

I can't see the first 4 pics... links seem to be broken.

Hurry up and come over na. Missing you lots!


Summer Camps said...

nice one! yihee, kilig ka naman to see hubby:) hehe