Monday, March 08, 2010

My Third And Hopefully Not Final Date with George Michael

On March 3, 2010, I went to the Etihad Stadium here in Melbourne to watch my third George Michael concert. I've been calling them dates with George because just like the other 2 concerts I attended, it has just been me and George.

I got to Etihad Stadium by tram after a quick dinner with the kids and Grandma and Pop. I was nervous as usual on the way there because I wasn't sure where I was getting off. But good thing as the crowd got bigger in the tram, I could hear who were the others going to the concert as well. I simply followed the group of people and there I was at the stadium! It was easy enough to get in and security check was so lenient. I guess they didn't even care if you brought a camera with you! I saw people with heavy duty equipment even. The only weird thing that happened while I was working my way through the crowd to find my seat was that someone touched my butt! How messed up was that??? Maybe if I wasn't pregnant it would be fine, but who touches a pregnant woman's but??? Too bad I didn't see who did it or else I would have punched him, or even her!
View of the stadium as people were trickling in.

View of the stadium filled up.

As usual George started the concert late. It was 8:30pm by the time the lights dimmed and all the magic began. It was Texas and Sydney all over again. This time I made sure I took in everything just in case this would be the last time George will ever be in concert. Because the Sydney concert made me feel weird that there was no one on my row, I jumped the gun this time and just went up to as close to the front as I possibly could in my section and enjoyed the concert dancing with the rest of the crowd that had gathered there.

Everything I felt during the last 2 concerts I felt again this time. I am and always will be in awe of George Michael. And thank you again Hubby, for 3 magnificent presents. I only wish George Michael will decide to have more concerts again in the future.

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