Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Day of School

Hormones and the last day of anything don't mix. I dropped both kids off school this morning and got really emotional and teary eyed. Both kids seemed fine, so why am I so lame?

I have been overwhelmed by the response Boy Wonder's school and classmates have given him this last week at school. On Wednesday during morning assembly, 10 of his classmates went to the front of the Prep to Year 5 boys to tell everyone something about Boy Wonder. I was able to record it. Then the head of Junior school asked Boy Wonder to come in front while he asked everyone questions about what was presented. I was in tears at the end.

Then yesterday all the boys brought a treat to school and they had a going away party for Boy Wonder. He came home with a huge card with everyone's picture on it and they all signed it as well.

Last night I baked a bunch of mini cupcakes and brought it to school with Nachos this morning so she can also have a mini going away party with her classmates. Since she had only been in school for one term, I'm hoping the impact of her leaving will be tiny.

But after I got into the car to go home, I was filled with sadness. I hate goodbyes. I hate forging friendships and relationships and have to let it go. I know us moving should have the most impact for Boy Wonder, but maybe I'm feeling this way hoping deep down it'll take away from him feeling it instead. Because I know when we leave Hong Kong again someday I'll feel the same way, or even worse!

Both schools have informed us that Boy Wonder and Nachos will have a place waiting for them when we come back in the future. I will do my best to keep in touch with their classmates' mums each time we come back. I picture the day both kids walk back into their classrooms here with a big smile on their faces and a welcome back sign greeting them.

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