Monday, February 01, 2010

First Day Of School

It was Nachos' first day of school today. Here she is in her uniform without her shoes yet. I was really worried it would be a full on melt down or cry fest the moment I dropped her off, but she did better than I expected!

My worries began early this morning when I started telling the kids to quickly finish their breakfast or they'll be late for school. The first thing Nachos says is that she didn't want to go to school. And with her ever famous cover of the face and head on the table I feared the worst. I tried to ignore it and kept going with the morning preparations. But good thing her whole demeanor changed when she saw her new lunch box packed with snacks and a sandwich for lunch. After that she didn't let go of her lunch box and kept asking when we're going to her school.

When we got to her school, she was hiding behind my legs and didn't want to talk to her teacher. I helped her put her things in her cubby hole and told her I will stay with her to do an art work or play with a toy but then I'll have to leave to do some grocery shopping. I was amazed when she simply said "ok". And sure enough, we did a bit of art work, I told her I needed to go and that I'll come back to get her when it was time. She gave me a big hug and off she went to play with a doll house. I was amazed!

It was almost strange being able to do the shopping and laundry and dinner preparations with no kids to worry about or entertain. It was a nice relaxed afternoon. Nachos goes to school MWF, so I'll at least get 3 afternoons a week of no kids! Now I just look forward to a day when both kids are in school and I don't have any chores or errands to do!


Chris said...

she's so cute!

Summer Camps said...

Tehls, I would love to see the infamous Nachos grumpy face:) You will have 5 whole days of relaxation when you're back here!!!!!!