Sunday, February 14, 2010

Countdown To Hong Kong Begins

Hubby has been asked to start work a week early. So instead of leaving in 2 weeks, he'll be gone in 1! I've been pretty calm about the whole moving back situation, but with the reality of Hubby already leaving so soon, I'm starting to freak out.

I've been finding excuses not to get my butt into gear. At the moment I have to say I am still semi-frozen in shock at the thought of moving back to Hong Kong so suddenly. Before falling asleep at night I run through the millions of things I'll have to do before we leave. At least for now I just look over to a sleeping Hubby and find comfort that he's there. It'll suck when he leaves. This will be the first time since we got married that we'll be apart for over a month!

We will finally find out whether Poseidon is a girl or boy on Thursday. Not knowing the sex of the baby has been one of my main excuses for not starting to sort through the boxes of baby clothes. After Thursday I'll have to start sorting through clothes, shoes, baby items, toys and bedding. I dread and look forward to getting it all done.

In the meantime Hubby is making the most of spending time with the kids. He sense he's going to be worked really hard by the new company and won't have alot of spare time once we move to HK. We went to a random railway crossing yesterday and say on the sidewalk eating candy and waiting for trains to go past. Boy Wonder loves it. Nachos just likes it because she knows they get candy everytime Baba takes them to see a crossing.

We also took them to the Fairfield Boathouse and rented a boat. We've been to the boat house a few times since we moved here, but this was the first time we rented a boat. The kids enjoyed it. Too bad we didn't think of bringing some bread along to feed all those ducks that were swimming up to the boat. We were also drooling at all the big houses lined along the river. Most of them had direct access to the river from their huge backyard. We would love to have a house that backed onto the river some day. Imagine living in the heart of the city, yet it seems like you're in the countryside.

I forget what they're called, but they're one of the common birds around. How lovely is that?

I hope Hubby does really well in HK and we'll be able to afford living in a place that has a backyard. At this point I don't know how I'll be able to stand living in an apartment again.

Sigh, I'm gonna miss this house =(

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wish I was there to hekp you pack, you know how I love that:) send me a ticket?