Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friendship Insecurities Struck Again

When I returned to Manila from the States in 1996, it took me awhile to find my place again amongst my friends. I had a few falling outs, some big dramas and finally when the dust settled, I was able to see who my real friends were. By then not many remained, but I am glad that they are still my close friends to this day.

I couldn't figure out why I wasn't as thrilled as I thought I would be when we decided to move back to HK. Hubby was saying I must be thrilled since I'll have a helper again and most of all, I'll be back with my friends. But I guess the fear and insecurity that stemmed from what happened before began bugging me.

When we went to HK for a quick trip early this year to attend a wedding, I thought my fears had come to life when most of my friends couldn't make it to my welcome dinner. At first I didn't think much of it because they all had really legitimate reasons. And I knew there was going to be lot's more other chances to meet up. But Hubby being "protective" became upset for me that how come it didn't seem like my friends were all that excited about my trip back. His comment suddenly made all the old friendship insecurities come back and coupled with the fact that I will be moving back to HK made it even worse. If I wasn't moving back, I wouldn't have minded at all because life goes on. I can't expect to be as connected to my friends if I don't live there anymore.

But since that trip was to actually surprise them with the news that I was moving back, suddenly I wasn't so thrilled about the trip anymore. I told Hubby and myself that we need to have a little faith and I'm sure things will work out.

I was so glad to prove Hubby wrong when we got there.

Not long after we checked into the hotel and before my room service of a gigantic burger even came, P came calling and asked when she could pick me up to take me to D's place to do some catching up before dinner. She wanted to see me before taking her husband to the airport. I wolfed down my burger, ran downstairs and began an evening of friends and more friends. Even though D couldn't make it to dinner, she wanted to make sure she spent time with me before she had to go off to her company dinner. By the end of the night, after a japanese dinner and drinks at Wagyu Lounge, there were close to 15 of us. I went back to the hotel at around 1am that day.

I made my rounds of visiting D with an offering of breads for breakfast the next day, then MP who had a baby in November and then went to Kowloon side to do some shopping with M. I used the opportunity to tell them the news and it was great to feel their sincere excitement of my impending return. By Sunday I had told most of my friends and I was touched that they were truly excited that I was coming back.

I know I will always have my friendship insecurities. But at least that has made me become someone who will always take an extra step to make my true friends feel they are appreciated. And it sure feels good every time I'm reminded at how silly my friendship insecurities are.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Countdown To Hong Kong Begins

Hubby has been asked to start work a week early. So instead of leaving in 2 weeks, he'll be gone in 1! I've been pretty calm about the whole moving back situation, but with the reality of Hubby already leaving so soon, I'm starting to freak out.

I've been finding excuses not to get my butt into gear. At the moment I have to say I am still semi-frozen in shock at the thought of moving back to Hong Kong so suddenly. Before falling asleep at night I run through the millions of things I'll have to do before we leave. At least for now I just look over to a sleeping Hubby and find comfort that he's there. It'll suck when he leaves. This will be the first time since we got married that we'll be apart for over a month!

We will finally find out whether Poseidon is a girl or boy on Thursday. Not knowing the sex of the baby has been one of my main excuses for not starting to sort through the boxes of baby clothes. After Thursday I'll have to start sorting through clothes, shoes, baby items, toys and bedding. I dread and look forward to getting it all done.

In the meantime Hubby is making the most of spending time with the kids. He sense he's going to be worked really hard by the new company and won't have alot of spare time once we move to HK. We went to a random railway crossing yesterday and say on the sidewalk eating candy and waiting for trains to go past. Boy Wonder loves it. Nachos just likes it because she knows they get candy everytime Baba takes them to see a crossing.

We also took them to the Fairfield Boathouse and rented a boat. We've been to the boat house a few times since we moved here, but this was the first time we rented a boat. The kids enjoyed it. Too bad we didn't think of bringing some bread along to feed all those ducks that were swimming up to the boat. We were also drooling at all the big houses lined along the river. Most of them had direct access to the river from their huge backyard. We would love to have a house that backed onto the river some day. Imagine living in the heart of the city, yet it seems like you're in the countryside.

I forget what they're called, but they're one of the common birds around. How lovely is that?

I hope Hubby does really well in HK and we'll be able to afford living in a place that has a backyard. At this point I don't know how I'll be able to stand living in an apartment again.

Sigh, I'm gonna miss this house =(

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Trip To Outrigger on the Lagoon in Fiji

We decided to have a quick holiday to Fiji last week before Hubby started his new job in HK at the end of this month. We decided to stay at the Outrigger On the Lagoon since it was rated the best resort to stay for families. We invited Grandma and Pop to join us and it was a great trip, albeit a few set backs.

We left on an 11pm flight on Friday which got to Fiji at 5:40am. We barely got any sleep, but at least the kids slept most of the way which meant a quiet flight at least. The sun was about the rise when we got on our bus, but had to wait for a set number of people before we could leave. It seemed like forever before our bus pulled out the parking lot. I slept most of the way to our resort, but boy was I shocked when I found out we were on the bus for 2 hours before we got to Outrigger! And since we got there so early, we were worried that we'll have to wait around before we could get into our rooms. But thank goodness we didn't have to and quickly settled in, cleaned up and went for a buffet breakfast.

View of the resort at the check-in area

The "bure" where we stayed in

Hubby and Boy Wonder chilling on the hammock outside our bure

Pop and the kids having a Tim Tam on their side of the room which is connected to ours

We just stayed within the resort since our 4 short days didn't allow us much time to explore the island. Our days we spent having breakfast, sending the kids to Kids Club or swimming most of the day in the pool, lunch, more swimming, dinner then bed. We went snorkling once and Grandma and Pop took Boy Wonder on the canoe once. Although it didn't seem like much, the kids had a blast and the big kids loved relaxing.

The pool which the kids practically lived in

More fun in the water with Baba

Proof of the fun the kids have everyday. Nachos passed out right after every dinner.

What really set this resort apart from ones we have stayed in the past is their Kids Club. You drop off your kids starting at 10am, register and then pick them up at noon. They have scheduled activities throughout the day. If you want, you can pre order a meal for your kids and they can also have lunch there. Pick up is at 1230. The next session starts at 2pm and runs until 9pm in the evening with a break in the middle as well. You see parents there having a leisurely dinner by themselves without worrying about their kids. They also had a babysitting service which won't break your bank account for parents with babies. The kids loved the field trip they went on with the Kids Club to the Eco Park nearby. They saw iguanas, snakes, peacocks and all sort of other animals. They fed the fish and got to hold the reptiles.

View of Kids Club which was right in front of our bure.

Kids with their tie dye shirts waiting for them to dry. One of the many activities scheduled throughout the day.

Fijian dance performance during dinner

Fire dancing outside after dinner

The food was not really good which was one bad thing about the resort. And the menu was the same everyday. But at least breakfast was okay. I thought how can you mess up breakfast food anyway. And kids ate free for the whole stay. I was sneaky once and ordered the kids meal instead because I didn't want to eat an adult sized lunch. They don't check anyway!

My breakfast every morning. So simple, scrambled eggs on toast. Why don't I make it myself sometimes?

Fiji reminded me of road trips I used to take on the way to Batangas during my diving days. The little road side shops looked almost identical to ones you see on the provincial roads in the Philippines. And the people of Fiji are mostly like Filipinos, all really relaxed and not stressed out or in a hurry. Just like on the t-shirts they sell in their shops, they talk about Fiji time, much like Filipino time. I guess that's why our food always came warm.

When the day came to leave, we checked out and got on our only bus to the airport that day at 2pm. Sure enough it was an almost 2 hour ride to the airport. And of course with our luck, our flight was delayed! We were trapped in the airport for almost 4 hours! By that time I didn't care that the kids were running around like crazy in the waiting area. You could have felt our relief when our plane finally arrived and we could go home.

SO happy to finally get on our plane!

It was good to spend a good few days with Grandma and Pop, Hubby and the kids. We'll definitely go back again someday. And since the kids will be bigger by then, I'd love to stay at other resorts too.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

First Day Of School

It was Nachos' first day of school today. Here she is in her uniform without her shoes yet. I was really worried it would be a full on melt down or cry fest the moment I dropped her off, but she did better than I expected!

My worries began early this morning when I started telling the kids to quickly finish their breakfast or they'll be late for school. The first thing Nachos says is that she didn't want to go to school. And with her ever famous cover of the face and head on the table I feared the worst. I tried to ignore it and kept going with the morning preparations. But good thing her whole demeanor changed when she saw her new lunch box packed with snacks and a sandwich for lunch. After that she didn't let go of her lunch box and kept asking when we're going to her school.

When we got to her school, she was hiding behind my legs and didn't want to talk to her teacher. I helped her put her things in her cubby hole and told her I will stay with her to do an art work or play with a toy but then I'll have to leave to do some grocery shopping. I was amazed when she simply said "ok". And sure enough, we did a bit of art work, I told her I needed to go and that I'll come back to get her when it was time. She gave me a big hug and off she went to play with a doll house. I was amazed!

It was almost strange being able to do the shopping and laundry and dinner preparations with no kids to worry about or entertain. It was a nice relaxed afternoon. Nachos goes to school MWF, so I'll at least get 3 afternoons a week of no kids! Now I just look forward to a day when both kids are in school and I don't have any chores or errands to do!