Friday, January 22, 2010

This Was So Unexpected

It's funny how life turns out sometimes. Just 14 months into our new life in Australia, Hubby was presented with a great job offer... in Hong Kong! After a few heartfelt discussions, he decided to accept the offer and thus we are moving back by the end of March!

I have to lay the blame on this unexpected turn of events in our lives as to why I've been so quiet. It was a shock to my system having to deal with morning sickness and frantically contacting schools in HK for Boy Wonder and Nachos. This also meant we finally had to address our non-existent front yard in case we need to rent out our house. I hate calling tradesmen for quotes! We have also slowly started going through all our things once again to see what to keep, what to throw out and what to give away. If only we already knew what sex Poseidon will be then I can also start sorting through all the babies and kids clothes!

We've also started contacting movers for quotes. One already came over and while showing him around as to what will be coming to HK with us, I spotted some boxes that aren't even opened yet from when we moved here!

Some relatives have been asking me how I feel about the move back. Everyone expects me to be happy since they say I'll be back with my friends and most especially since I'll have a full time helper again. But everytime they ask me, I honestly can't say how I feel. Hubby finds it hard to believe. He's all excited since its a big step up from what he's doing now and the pay is great. He's looking forward to new challenges and most of all he'll be back in China, doing what he really wants to do. He feels he's too young to be living the life of a retired man, cleaning pools and taking the kids to school every morning.

My mom once told me she wished she lived in her own house sooner in life. Since foreigners cannot own land in the Philippines, we never lived in a house we owned. We were renting until the day my parents immigrated to the US and finally lived in their own home. My mom was in her 50's by then. Although we already own our dream home, its a bit frustrating that we won't be living in it for awhile!

There are lots of things I admit which I am not looking forward to in moving back to Hong Kong. We will be living in an apartment in a concrete jungle. We won't have a private pool. Supermarket shopping won't be as interesting. Boy Wonder will have to leave a school he is really enjoying. Both kids will have to get used to not having so much space. And basically I'm not looking forward to packing up most of the house and our belongings again. And until all our things have been sorted, packed up and placed into the container by the movers and we are on the plane leaving for HK will I finally be excited about the move.

Because although all I see at the moment is the gray cloud in terms of getting things done FOR the move, I know beyond it lies many good things. The Thursday Group for one is thrilled that I am moving back. My former helper is extremely happy too that we have offered to rehire her after she is done with her current contract. And traveling for us and my relatives will be much easier in terms of going to the US.

And darn, I'll have to rename my blog again!