Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wasting Time at the Gas Station

One thing I find extremely frustrating living here is fueling up at the petrol station (I get funny looks when I say gas station). When I was living in the Philippines there was always someone to do it for you. And in the States, you simply swipe your credit card at the pump, punch in your zip code and you're set. Here in provincial Melbourne, you need to go into the store, line up at the register and pay. What a waste of time!

It'll be okay if you see people rushing to get it done because they know there are tons of people lined up behind them. But no, they all seem oblivious to the fact that there are up to 4 cars waiting behind them. Everytime I'm waiting behind a car, that person is either sleep walking or simply do not care that people are waiting. They probably figure the person in front of them took forever, so why should they rush?

And once you go inside to pay, there is only one guy at the register. They can very well see that there is a line and god knows why the other check-out guy decides to stack the shelves with more crud instead of helping out.

And to make matters worse, I just found out yesterday while filling up that the pump acts up and won't work when its very busy! I stood there switching from the cheapest fuel to the next one up, back and forth for a full 5 minutes. In the end I had to try the premium fuel and of course that one worked. When I told the guy at the register he said that sometimes happens when its busy. I simply told him that sucks. Good thing I was in a rush or I would have complained that their lousy pump made me spend more money on their fuel.

I know there are more things to love about living here, but sometimes its just odd things that pop up that makes me feel living here is a bit provincial.

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