Monday, December 21, 2009


I love it! Well, not the ones that flood your inbox but the kind you eat. I've been eating a lot of Turkey Spam and have even gotten Hubby into it.
I've never really been into spam, but when all this whole day sickness and nausea started all I could think of was Spam! I saw it doing some grocery shopping one day. The regular spam looked good, but when I saw the turkey spam I thought it would be a "healthier" alternative. It was heavenly having it with rice for breakfast one morning. Then the next day I had it with a fried egg and rice for dinner. And lately I've been ending the day with a before bedtime snack of spam with mayonnaise in bread. Yummy!

On the way home from dinner last night, Hubby suggested we drive past the grocery store because I have ran out of spam. How kind of him to remind me. He ran in and came out with THREE cans of spam! It was hilarious! He also got me 3 huge bottles of sugar free ice tea. He said I should have seen the look on the check out guys face when he rang it all up. Hubby is so sweet! But of course after we got home he asked when I was going to cook up 5 slices of spam for him. He offered to wash the pan at least.

This third time round I've been craving an equal amount of sweet and savory foods. With Boy Wonder it was cakes and tons of chocolates. With Nachos it was mostly meats. This time in addition to spam, I've also been craving chocolate cake and chocolate covered marshmallows. I'm just thankful we're not having twins!

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christao408 said...

Is there something you want to share with us?

And is turkey Spam really Spam?