Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Madness

Thank goodness the holiday season is almost over. Its been a crazy few days of presents, food and driving everywhere. Laundry has been piling up, dishes are only finally being washed and we can almost see the true color of our floor after finding some time to vacuum.

Christmas dinner was at Auntie Faye's this year. Although it was a long drive to Broadford, I knew the food was going to be well worth the trip! As usual the kids had a kick out of seeing all of Uncle Manny's chickens, cattle and some scary looking rabbit (god only knows why it has a crooked head). It was good to see most of the relatives from Hubby's side of the family, do some catching up and eating copious amounts of food.

As usual I was too excited to run for the crackle and neglected to take pictures of all that meat! But at least I remembered when it was time for dessert. Here is the unwrapping of the traditional Christmas Pudding. I could only eat a sliver of it since I find it too sweet. I also had to make sure there was enough room for the pavlova.

We also exchanged presents and the kids always have the most fun getting their gifts.

Surprisingly enough, Hubby didn't drink too much that night and I was so thankful he was able to drive us home instead of me.

The next day was Boxing Day at our house. We did our own gift exchange with the grandparents, Uncle Andrew, Nat, the twins and Jacob. There was enough prawns to feed an army and lots of finger foods to keep us all happy but not explode like the night before. And of course there was alot of beer and wine.

The weather was lovely that day as well so the big kids and little kids all had a great swim. Hubby said he had the most fun in our pool that day.

On the 28th was Nacho's 3rd birthday. So after one day of relaxing, sort of, I baked some cupcakes the evening before and went to Hays Paddock to meet up with some of Sam's school friends and their parents for a morning play date. I used the opportunity to celebrate Isabel's birthday and from the looks of it she was not impressed at all. But at least she was in better spirits that afternoon at Uncle Andrew's house because she had lots of presents waiting for her.

That afternoon Grandma and Pop were also kind enough to watch all 5 kids while us 4 big kids went to watch Avatar at the cinemas. It was a 3D session so we got our 3D glasses to watch it with. The last time I watched a 3D film was when I was a kid with those red and blue glasses which didn't really work. I was really impressed this time as there were parts where I was about to swat some alien flies away from my face when I remembered its all part of the 3D effect! But poor Hubby, since he can only see from one eye, he said most of the movie was just a bit blurry to him. But he was able to get a bit of the 3D effect in some parts.

There are more activities lined up for the rest of the week. I'm glad the kids are occupied with all their new presents. I'm also glad I've cleared out alot of space in the toy room for all the new toys. I've also found a place that helps refugees and are accepting donations. So all of the kids' old toys are going to find a new home that will make good use of them.

Its been a wonderful full year living in Melbourne. I've learned alot about life here. It's also been a great holiday season. I wish everyone a safe, healthy and prosperous new year ahead.
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wasting Time at the Gas Station

One thing I find extremely frustrating living here is fueling up at the petrol station (I get funny looks when I say gas station). When I was living in the Philippines there was always someone to do it for you. And in the States, you simply swipe your credit card at the pump, punch in your zip code and you're set. Here in provincial Melbourne, you need to go into the store, line up at the register and pay. What a waste of time!

It'll be okay if you see people rushing to get it done because they know there are tons of people lined up behind them. But no, they all seem oblivious to the fact that there are up to 4 cars waiting behind them. Everytime I'm waiting behind a car, that person is either sleep walking or simply do not care that people are waiting. They probably figure the person in front of them took forever, so why should they rush?

And once you go inside to pay, there is only one guy at the register. They can very well see that there is a line and god knows why the other check-out guy decides to stack the shelves with more crud instead of helping out.

And to make matters worse, I just found out yesterday while filling up that the pump acts up and won't work when its very busy! I stood there switching from the cheapest fuel to the next one up, back and forth for a full 5 minutes. In the end I had to try the premium fuel and of course that one worked. When I told the guy at the register he said that sometimes happens when its busy. I simply told him that sucks. Good thing I was in a rush or I would have complained that their lousy pump made me spend more money on their fuel.

I know there are more things to love about living here, but sometimes its just odd things that pop up that makes me feel living here is a bit provincial.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I love it! Well, not the ones that flood your inbox but the kind you eat. I've been eating a lot of Turkey Spam and have even gotten Hubby into it.
I've never really been into spam, but when all this whole day sickness and nausea started all I could think of was Spam! I saw it doing some grocery shopping one day. The regular spam looked good, but when I saw the turkey spam I thought it would be a "healthier" alternative. It was heavenly having it with rice for breakfast one morning. Then the next day I had it with a fried egg and rice for dinner. And lately I've been ending the day with a before bedtime snack of spam with mayonnaise in bread. Yummy!

On the way home from dinner last night, Hubby suggested we drive past the grocery store because I have ran out of spam. How kind of him to remind me. He ran in and came out with THREE cans of spam! It was hilarious! He also got me 3 huge bottles of sugar free ice tea. He said I should have seen the look on the check out guys face when he rang it all up. Hubby is so sweet! But of course after we got home he asked when I was going to cook up 5 slices of spam for him. He offered to wash the pan at least.

This third time round I've been craving an equal amount of sweet and savory foods. With Boy Wonder it was cakes and tons of chocolates. With Nachos it was mostly meats. This time in addition to spam, I've also been craving chocolate cake and chocolate covered marshmallows. I'm just thankful we're not having twins!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Coming of Poseidon!

Sorry I've been so quiet. The last time I was this silent was before I announced the coming of Nachos. And so this time, I am happy to announce the coming of Poseidon!

Its been a stressful and tiring last few months. As I had blogged about my journey in getting pregnant in the past, you would understand why it was so. And also with the scare we had last year, I've been on edge, thinking its a phantom pregnancy until we got our first ultra sound on Monday. Phew! The doc said everything is normal and the baby is at 10 weeks and a few days.

But because I ain't no spring chicken, I have been reminded of the Down syndrome screening which will be done early next month. It seems with every pregnancy, there are new things to worry about. When we were pregnant with Boy Wonder, I don't remember worrying so much since we didn't know just how much there was to worry about!

This will also be the LAST addition to the family. Which for some reason has also added to my anxieties. What if something goes wrong? What if there's something wrong with the baby? What if, what if, what if? So I pray this last time everything will go as planned, with no complications and that the baby will be healthy and happy.
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