Friday, September 11, 2009

Hawaii Day 1 & 2

Aloha! Greetings from sunny, partly cloudy and a bit muggy Oahu! We arrived here on Wednesday and are having a great time at the beach and pool side.

It was a LONG trip to get here. We left Tuesday afternoon and got to Sydney first. Because we took Japan Airlines, we had to stay in Sydney for the night to catch an early flight to Tokyo the next day. And since we had 2 kids, we couldn't stay in one room. We had to get 2 rooms. What a rip off.

So anyways, off to Tokyo we went the next day. Since it was a day flight, we had to think of ways to entertain the kids for 9 hours! Good thing I brought pens, color changing markers, books, dolls and even Play Doh! We landed in Tokyo for our connecting flight just before things got ugly. It wasn't a long wait before we were off to Honolulu. It was a 7 hour flight this time and Qthank goodness it was bedtime by then so both kids passed out not long after meal service. We finally arrived at Honolulu Airport at around 7:30am, Wednesday.

The only nerve wracking thing was driving our rental car to JW Marriott since I had to reacquaint myself to driving on the right side of the road. I'm glad we didn't get lost and arrived without incident. We went to the beach straight away, had a big brunch buffet then met up with my parents and brother who just arrived.

We are staying at The Coconut Plantation which is in a gated residential area along with JW Marriott Ihilani. The house we're staying at belongs to my brother, his in-laws and an aunt of theirs. It is right next to the golf course with black swans. Its so nice!

Walkway leading to the front door
Very territorial black swans who chased us away!

The beach is less than a 10 minute walk, the pool has a beach-like area and its just plain pleasant here. The kids love it.

On the day we arrived, I was already able to catch up with a friend of mine and her husband whom I haven't seen in 8 years! She was also in Hawaii to meet up with her parents who all agreed to meet half way. That way she didn't have to go to Manila with her husband and her parents didn't have to fly all the way to the States. That is pretty much why we're in Hawaii too!

There are also these flowers all along the sidewalk which are quite common. We used to have them in our garden in Manila. My mom taught us how to pull out the stamen from the bottom of the flower which squeezes the nectar out and then you can lick it. Its a bit sweet.

But one of the best things about seeing my parents again is eating my mom's home cooked meals! Even though its very simple, I was telling my mom tonight that it just tastes like her cooking. It doesn't matter what ingredients go in, I just know she cooked it.

We'll be exploring the island tomorrow, so more updates in a few days!
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Summer Camps said...

fun vacay naman yan:) are you going to stay a bit in tokyo on the way back? my best friends want to meet up in Hawaii din in 2011, they're in Cali and Canada kasi. I guess halfway point talaga there no? Hassle lang the trip dami stopovers.:)-dawn

Bandit said...

Yup! Staying in Tokyo for 4 days. We told the kids we're going to sushi land, so they're happy. You MUST make sure your 2011 trip is tuloy!