Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hawaii Continues

The fun continues in Hawaii! On Friday we drove around the whole island of Oahu. Started off at Pali Lookout. It was a breathtaking view. It also had a bloody past, quite literally.

Can you tell it was a very windy day?

It was here that the natives used to throw opposing tribes off the cliff at war.

Next stop was Laie Point where you can supposedly jump off the rocks. But since the waves were so rough that day, Hubby decided not to attempt the jump. Seeing a bunch of flowers at one area in memory of someone helped too.

You can see Hubby checking the cliff in the background.

We then stopped for a shrimp lunch at one of the Shrimp Trucks along the road. It was a very interesting meal. Good thing they had hot dogs too since I'm allergic to shrimps. Hubby said it was really good! The kids washed the meal down with some shaved ice. Shaved ice seems to be a big thing here in Hawaii.

Trucks like these were parked along the roads all offering shrimps.

Next stop was Waimea Bay. The beach was a bit crowded and the waves were big! Boy Wonder and Nachos mostly stayed under the shade with Gong Gong and Puo Puo while the big kids tackled the waves. It was fun! I got wiped out the first time, but then got used to it. But it sure was hard swimming back to shore!

That's me, just happy to have finally swum back to shore!

There was this tree that had a whole bunch of slippers and things nailed to it. We thought it was an interesting way of dealing with items left on the beach.

That evening my brother K arrived from LA. Yey! It was great to have the whole family together in Hawaii.

The next day was surf lessons! Come on, how can you go to Hawaii and not surf? Good thing the lesson wasn't expensive because we sure didn't want to spend too much for it! Both my brothers and I took the lessons while hubby and the kids hung out at the beach. I thought it was going to be wipe out after wipe out for me, but heck, turned out I got it on the first try! But unfortunately the waves were quite pathetic that day. After the first wave that I caught and after spending what felt like an eternity to get back out into water, I gave it a few more goes and surrendered. I've still got sore arms and shoulders!

After a full day of fun in the sun, we had dinner at Chibo which specializes in okonomiyakis. We wanted to go to a restaurant that had really good Japanese food. The website is in Japanese and Hubby loves okonomiyakis, so it was a winner. The kids loved it too. They even gave Nachos a plastic thingy which helped her with the chopsticks. We also celebrated my brother's belated 40th birthday.

We had a huge brunch at Roy's on Sunday which is within this golf resort. It was a very pleasant location. The food was good and huge! All in all it was just great spending time with the whole family. We don't get to take many family pictures like this.

Today we went to Pearl Harbor. Because we are being a bit stingy, we only went to the free portion of the tour. We didn't want to pay anything to see the submarine nor the battle ship. Although it was a very simple tour of the museum and the memorial I still got a bit emotional looking at all those peoples names who were lost that day. The memorial is build on top of the USS Arizona. Since it sunk too quickly, more than 1000 sailors are still entombed within it to this day. While looking at the list of names on the wall, we noticed there was an additional portion dedicated to those who survived but chose to be "buried" along with their shipmates when they died later.

This model shows how the memorial is build on top of the sunken ship.
Here's Boy Wonder as Ranger for the day after completing their book of activities.

My older brother goes back to LA tomorrow, so we've just been hanging out together. We got to know the resident swans a bit better today by feeding them some bread. We also ventured out into the golf course which is the backyard of this house.

We went to Chili's after the kids have gone to bed to spend some sibling time together. We gave K some pointers and encouragement for his job interview on Thursday. We're crossing our fingers that he gets the job. Good luck K!

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christao408 said...

Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful time!

Mabitad said...

Tehlin, honey, these pictures are precious! I don't always fawn over pics, but I just did with these. I'm so glad you all enjoyed your Hawaii holiday. The children are all grown up!!! :D