Tuesday, September 08, 2009


We went to a house contents auction on Sunday. The house very close by had tons of paintings by well known local artists, antiques, furniture, jewellery and old bank notes. This is the second time I've been to one and I was so happy I went! I checked it out on a viewing day just out of curiiousity, but then, tucked in the walk-in wardrobe was this beautiful painting! I knew I had to get it. This is definitely one more thing I love about moving to Australia.

The first time I went to a house contents auction, it was well publicised with flyers and even a clip on the Sunday newspaper. It belonged to some Taiwanese businessman who decided to leave Australia and left most of his valuables behind to be auctioned off. I went just to check it out on a viewing day and was amazed by the amount of paintings he had accumulated. Although many were not my type, I saw this painting and fell in love with it right away.

Lily Pond by Evan Mackley

Hubby was playing golf that day so I had to give him a call and ask what was the maximum amount I could spend on it. After some discussion we agreed on the limit and I went to the auction later that day. Thank goodness a good friend was available to watch the kids for abit while I was waiting for my painting to come up. It was nerve racking! It reminded me of the day we attended the auction where we bought this house! But not that major of course. I actually tried bidding for a few other items like a lovely bonsai tree and a tiny painting, but there were a few older couples who clearly had the time and money to buy pretty much everything they liked.

When the time came to bid for mine, I didn't stop raising my hands until it was mine! Well, I made sure it didn't go over our limit too. I showed my number, went to pay for it and brought it home. I smile at it whenever I look at it.

This other auction we went to over the weekend was not publicised as much. I got a small flyer through the mail and that was it. It didn't say who it all belonged to and no story behind the sale. And best of all, there were not much people when we got to the auction. The first time people filled the front garden area of the house. This time, only a few people were there, seated in the tiny living room of the house. I was nervous at first because it was clear that there was an art dealer buying up almost everything. Then there was an older couple who bought a few of the paintings by the same artist that did the one I want. Darn, they better not want the one I want too!

Hubby saw a lithograph by Pro Hart that he like which was of Ned Kelly, so I bid for him and won!

Then much later, it was my painting. By then the older couple had left. I placed the first bid, then suddenly the art dealer made the second bid. I gave him a funny mean look and then he smiled at me and said ok, its yours. So I made the next and final bid and voila! It was mine. I paid a whole lot less for this painting than the first one. Hubby said it must be due to the recession. I think its because of the size! Now I've got 2 things to smile at whenever I walk past them.

Lilies by Stephen Tandori

Can you tell I like water lilies?

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