Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grandkids on Tap

Our annual trip to the US is set. We are meeting up with my parents and brother in Hawaii in September. Instead of going to California where they all live, we decided to make everyone meet half way. Good thing my brother's in-laws own a time share-type condo so that is where we will all be staying. Although I'm thrilled we're all going to spend some quality time together in Hawaii, its also made me realize our move to Australia has made it harder for everyone to visit each other, especially my parents.

When we lived in Hong Kong, my parents came to visit us almost twice every year. We also went to visit them once a year. It was easy to travel because there were direct flights. My parents would fly to Taiwan for their annual check ups, then to the Philippines to do their usual paper work type stuff and then to HK. These 3 countries were all close and a short plane ride. But now that we live in Melbourne, there are no direct flights between here and San Francisco. Flights are also pricier.

I've always known marrying Hubby would mean our future lies in Australia. I thought nothing of it then because its so easy to travel. But who would have thought the road block would turn out to be flight routing! And recently, I've also realized my parents are getting older which means it isn't that easy for them to take long haul flights.

Hubby commented some time ago to his parents that they never have to worry about finding time to spend with Boy Wonder and Nachos. He said they've got Grandma and Pop on tap. How I wish that were true for Gong-gong and Puo-puo (maternal grandfather and grandmother).

I grew up always filled with complete excitement when summer comes around which meant flying to Taiwan to see my Gong-gong and Puo-puo. It was merely a 2 hour flight from Manila to Taiwan. I remember always being greeted by Puo-puo with a bowl full of wax apples. I always associate these delicious fruits with Puo-puo. And now that Boy Wonder and Nachos are old enough to remember their Gong-gong and Puo-puo after each visit, I hope they will start associating different things with them.

I'm glad both sets of grandparents are so different. Yet I know they all love Boy Wonder and Nachos the same. A good example of how Grandma and Pop are:

Isn't Pop such a goofball?

Gong-gong and Puo-puo have no goofiness in them, but they still have fun together.

Below is a picture of 4 generations on ladies from Hubby's side of the family. In it is Nachos, Grandma, grandaunts, and great grandaunts.

Boy Wonder and Nachos' great grandfather is still around too. He's my Gong-gong.

Whenever I see these pictures, I always wish we'll be able to take pictures like this when it comes to Boy Wonder and Nachos' kids in the future. But I also remind myself that I shouldn't get way ahead of myself. I'll make the most of everything now. I'll make sure I do my best to let the kids bond with both sets of grandparents. And of course I'll continue taking tons of pictures for my grand kids to see some day.

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