Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Modern Day Housewife

I was cooking dinner a few nights ago and Pop was really amused at how I was multi-tasking and took this picture. Cooking dinner has definitely become not so mundane now that I have my Macbook with me. The radio playing in the background doesn't hurt either. The only disadvantage at the moment is sometimes I get so distracted with either one that my food gets burnt or I loose my train of thought on a certain blog.

I'm also currently looking into products, gadgets, appliances and anything that will help me be more efficient around the house. My latest hunt is a smaller vacuum gadget that will make it easier to vacuum the stairs. It kills my back lugging our vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. So far there seems to be a few hand held ones that might have enough horse power to do the trick. I'm looking forward to trying a few out when I go shopping.

I've also moved all the furniture in Boy Wonder's room around. Nachos and I spent close to 3 hours the other day at Ikea looking for things to organize his things with. His room is looking better now, but I still need to put a new shelf into one of his closets.

My other project will be reorganizing the laundry room. I've never had a laundry room. I'm going to channel Grandma's organizing and cleaning powers while I think about what I need to get done in there. Its one of the messiest and disorganized rooms in this house. I've looked at the Ikea and Howards Storage World websites to look at what I might need. My eyes boggle and my heart pounds with excitement looking at all the things I will "need".

So anyways, as the modern day housewife or homemaker as people prefer to be called here, I'm really happy my laptop is encouraging me to get more stuff done around the house!


christao408 said...

Yes, it is very easy to get distracted when cooking if you have the laptop nearby.

Summer Camps said...

i swear your kitchen is super duper huge!