Saturday, July 25, 2009

Asking The Right Questions

Have you ever asked a question that sparked a discussion or even ruffled some feathers? Its amazing how asking the right question can sometimes cause even more emotion than a bold statement.

I've been a "lurker" in a few blogsites. I often visit the usual foodblogs and entertainment sites. I enjoy reading them and although I never really have much to comment about, there are some topics that pop up at times that I can't help just to put a question in to see what responses I get.

The opportunity came up a few days ago and I simply asked a question that no one commenting seemed to ask. It was like one of those elephant in the room situations. And me, with the safety of my annonimity cloak, posted my question.

I checked the post this morning and was amused to see all the expected answers and reactions. Answers because some were well thought out before they were posted and reactions because it was obvious others hit the "post" button without thinking about what they wanted to say. Although I try hard not to do it, sometimes we can't help but to react to something whether good or bad and just blurt out things we end up regretting. Normally these reactions just make you look dumb in the end.

I enjoyed reading all the answers to my question in that post and was glad to find out there are quite a few readers that knew what they were talking about. I even learned a few more things about the topic. And to think it was only an entertainment type blogsite!

So anyways, I'll make it a point in the future to ask the right questions instead of shoving my point of view onto other people. But not when I'm posting on my own blog though!


christao408 said...

The process of give-and-take in the comments section of my blog is one of my favorite features of blogging.

Summer Camps said...

share that site and post! curious to read the responses...-ragamuffin