Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Party Power

Another thing I've grown to love about living here are the tons of birthday party venues available! Since Boy Wonder started school, we have been to 6 or 7 birthday parties of his classmates'. None have held them at a restaurant and there have been no repeats.

A few have held them at indoor play/amusement centers. These places have tons of toys, slides, rides and a not too crappy dining area for parents to keep an eye on their kids while sipping on coffees.

One had his party at home, but his parents hired a "reptile man" who brought in snakes, lizards and a baby croc for the kids to touch and take pictures with. Another kid had his party at a sports center where they played dodge ball, football and all other games a bunch of 5 year olds would love to play. Another party was held at the local community center where they hired a firetruck to come and give the kids a ride.

The latest one Boy Wonder attended was at the Kew Traffic School. This was simply an outdoor lot with roads, lanes, walkways painted onto the ground then dressed up with traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and anything and almost everything you would see on actual roads. All the kids brought their own modes of transport and there were spare bikes there which you could use as well.

It was soooo cute watching this group of kids wait at the crossing and walking across when it was time to go.

It was great watching all the kids zoom around like crazed commuters on the car pool lane during rush hour. I had a lot of fun just watching all the kids have so much fun.

Boy Wonder's own party this past May was held at the play ground just a short walk from our house. Since it was a playground, the kids were happy enough running around. But just to add to the excitement, I organized a game which involved the parents too. Pop also made an appearance as a clown for a bit and played chasey with the kids. Too bad one kid was so scared of clowns he left the party early. I baked Boy Wonder's cake too. It's the same one I baked last year, except in a different color.

There's another party coming up in a few weeks. And this one seems to be an indoor sports one. I think it'll be Hubby's turn to take Boy Wonder to that.

I guess with so much choices it will also become all the more difficult and confusing to choose a venue for Boy Wonder's birthday party next year. Maybe the trend will be no parties in Prep? Oh well, at least its been really fun taking him to all these parties. I just hope there won't be a party overload for Hubby and I after Nachos starts school next year.

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