Friday, March 06, 2009


Augh! Everytime I tell myself I should write something at least once a week, somethings happen and I end up sitting my arse down a month later! So, lot's has happened in the past month.

I threw a baby shower for Nat, Uncle Andrew's wife on Valentines Day. I thought I'd do it then because I was leaving for HK the following weekend. And good thing I did because she had the twins 5 days later while I was on the place to HK! Nat had a wonderful time. She's never been to a baby shower and so had some of her friends. It was a good turn out and everyone had fun.
Laura Rose Betts
Nicholas John Betts

I also had a blast in HK. It was wonderful seeing the old Thursday Group. I loved the food, the conversations and especially the company. I was so touched the whole group made it for lunch with me at China Club. I only wished I had more days to hang out and gossip with everyone.

My parents came back to Oz from HK with me too. I am now enjoying my mom's home cooked meals everyday. What joy! The kids are loving it too. They love their tofu and soup! And overall, its just good to have my mom and dad around. I always get so jealous when I see pictures my brother sends to me. I wish I could be with them more often and that my parents could spend more time with Boy Wonder and Nachos. Boy Wonder is actually speaking complete sentences in Chinese which he never does with me. And Nachos doesn't mind letting Puo-puo (maternal grandmother) give her a rub whenever she gets an owie.

We're going to Grandma and Pop's tomorrow for dinner. I'm looking forward to showing my parents that wonder that is Grandma and Pop's backyard. At least my parents will get to see it before Grandm and Pop move out at the end of April.

More pictures and insights to come!