Sunday, February 08, 2009

Too Hot To Handle

The state of Victoria had just had its hottest day on record and also the worst fire outbreak. As of today, 76 are confirmed dead and the numbers are expected to hit 3 digits as more towns are reached by fire fighters. I thought we had gone through the worse heat wave last week, but yesterday was shocking.

Thank goodness we stayed at Grandma and Pop's last night because they had air conditioning. It was actually quite shallow of me to be only thinking about the aircon, because watching the news tonight about what happened yesterday and is still happening in some parts was really depressing. There were stories of families wiped out, small children dead, 90% of a town burnt to the grown, missing friends and relatives all over. I dread to think of the kind of deaths these 66 people went through. Thinking of the kids just breaks my heart.

I've watched the news before about the fires that happened in California. But because my relatives and I were far away from it, it didn't really have much impact on me. This time while we were at Grandma and Pop's, I could actually smell the smoke in the air. But because it was around 46 degrees, I didn't know if it was just the weather or the fires had something to do with it. The sky was clouded over and the winds blew like a hair dryer was at your face the whole time. Hubby's cousin David could actually see the smoke approaching where they lived before they quickly left. Good thing the winds changed direction so the fire didn't reach their area. Grandma's sister Faye was much closer to the fire, but thank goodness it didn't reach them either. You'll have to check out the link above to see pictures of the devastation that happened.

And because this subject is so depressing, I've added some pictures of what Boy Wonder and Nachos were doing yesterday to escape the heat. Grandma and I could only stand to stay outside for a few minutes with them so the rest of the time we just watched them play through the window. It must be so great to be so young and unaffected.

Grandma set up the little pool for them to play in and gave them icy poles to snack on. They had a blast.

And what is so strange about Melbourne weather is that unbelievably, after a high of 47.9 in some parts, the hottest ever recorded in Victoria, today was in the low 20's and it even drizzled! I couldn't believe it when I watched the weather forecast yesterday, but it actually is so much cooler today! I almost had to wear a jacket!

So anyways, I'm glad we're all ok and far from the fires. I pray for all those people who perished in the fire and hope the number won't get any higher.

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i read an article about the fires in the standard. the stories were heartbreaking!