Monday, February 02, 2009


I've been heartbroken the last few weeks. Grandma and Pop have sold their house!

A family came to see their house last month and their kid liked the place so much she didn't want to leave. Even after they were told there is no negotiating on the price, they came back soon after and gave the deposit. I was in shock when they told me the news. I know I was suppose to be happy for them but I couldn't help being sad. I had images of the kids growing up going to Grandma and Pop's and have vivid memories of that as they grow older. I guess at this point only Boy Wonder might have fuzzy memories of when he used to go on the quad bike all over their backyard.

Grandma and Pop's place was the first "home" I really knew since I first started coming here. Although its only been a few years, I can't help feeling attached to it. It was the only anchor I had each time I was here as a real foreigner. I thought Hubby might feel even sadder than me, but he said the only reason his parents bought the house before was because it was the only place they could afford that was close enough to relatives they had to look after. I think Hubby is eager to have his parents live closer into town and not have to drive so far out of the city anymore.

So now that Grandma and Pop need to move out of their place in April and their retirement home is far from completion (it hasn't even started constructing yet!), they will be moving in with us. At least with the little bit of heartache, having free babysitting service for a few months will be more than enough compensation.


info said...

Aw... lots of memories associated with that house and huge backyard. can't wait to see you in 3 weeks! did you get my email?-ragamuffin

christao17 said...

I can understand why you feel that sense of loss, especially for Boy Wonder. When my parents finally sold my childhood home, just after I graduated from SCU, I was disappointed. Wish I could have afforded to buy it from them.

Anonymous said...

stop making me cry you! It's so hard for us as well especially when we know all the work we have done around the place to make it " Wahroonga" ( our home in aboriginal)

mazuzu said...

yay for free baby sitting!