Thursday, February 12, 2009

From Now Till 2022

Boy Wonder started school at Camberwell Grammar this month. He's enrolled in their 4 year old pre-prep program and we are planning on letting him continue at this school until he reaches year 12. This means he will be at Camberwell until 2022. Oh my goodness!
In addition to his uniform, he wears a sun hat everyday. He also takes a lunchbox and by next week when he starts the full day he will take a sleeping bag as well. School starts at 9am and ends at 3pm. But to ease the kids into school, they did a 9-12 week, followed by a 9-1pm week and next week will be 9-3pm. I'm just really happy we live 10 minutes away from school so I don't need to sacrifice too much sleep time to get Boy Wonder to school on time.

And as usual, I've been abit emotional everytime I drop Boy Wonder off to school and pick him up. I often see the older boys walking around the campus and picturing Boy Wonder that grown up chokes me up. He still acts like a baby at times, but he's definitely growing up. I just hope he grows up to be a confident, intelligent, compassionate and respectful man someday. And most of all, I want him to know no matter what that I will always love him to bits.

So anyways, Boy Wonder has been doing great in school. Although he still has his weird mixed up accent, I am beginning to hear some changes in it. He's finally started saying tomato with a short "a" sound rather than a long "a" sound. And the other day he mentioned his classmate Alexander by saying "Alexandah". Hopefully in a few more months we'll all stop giving him a hard time about his Disney channel accent.


Pam said...

Love the Disney Channel accent! :-) Boy Wonder is so handsome in his school uniform. Much better than the uniform he had while studying here. Can't you bring him along when you come visit? K misses him. See you soon!

christao17 said...

Oh, he looks like a little Aussie schoolchild doll in that uniform! Cute!

No doubt he'll grow up to be a wonderful, caring person because he has two very loving parents.

ragamuffin girl said...

Tehls!!!! He has such big feet hehehe and he's grown taller! Cutey pie!