Thursday, January 22, 2009


So in addition to all the previous items I've acquired to anchor me more to Australia, I have now received my first traffic violation! Instead of being pulled over by a cop, my speeding ticket was mailed to me. Damn those speed cameras! Apparently they're hidden everywhere. And apparently I was going 67 at a 60 mile zone. Crap.

Unlike the US where I could go to traffic school and erase this traffic infringement, there's nothing you can do here. You're given a certain number of points and with each traffic violation, you get deducted a prescribed amount. I don't know what the time frame is, but as long as you don't get down to zero within that amount of time, your license won't get taken away from you. But how it affects your car insurance, I don't know.

But since the car is registered under Hubby's name, I think he'll take the blow this time. And since we go past that camera ALOT, I won't be surprised if we get another violation notice in the mail. Hubby has told me if there are more to come that we need to divide out the damage.

In other news, our pool is finally fully tiled. That means a huge chunk is done and we're ever so close to swimming in it. The next step would be to install the gas heater and the electrical. After that we need to get pool fencing done, have someone have a look to give us the go ahead with some sort of certification allowing us to start filling it. Its a legal requirement in Australia that all pools have a fence around it. So that means before we fence off the pool, we need to replace the fences to our whole property because its falling apart. That way we only need to fence off 3 sides of the pool since one side is next to the property fence. So much to do and so much to spend before we can even fill up our pool! And even when we have the go ahead, with the water restrictions in place, we still need to figure our way around it.

So anyways, in the meantime we'll just enjoy looking at our empty pool. At least the kids have fun running in it once in awhile.

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Pam said...

whoa! that's an expensive ticket and a very strict speed limit. In HK, you're allowed to drive up to 15kph above the stated limit before getting a ticket.

Take it easy on the driving...