Sunday, December 07, 2008

Through Sun, Rain and Hail

So life continues at Gisborne while the floors in our house gets done. Before we officially move in on the 10th, the kids are still making the most of it at Grandma and Pop's wonderland. Oh, but by now the grandparents have realized there is much to gain from a little bit of child labor. Haha!

I can't lift the shovel, but I can do it one pebble at a time Pop!

A reward well earned

Another interesting event that happened a few days ago was hail! Its been ages since I've seen it hail, and when it happened twice, I had to take a few pictures of it. Nachos didn't really understand what was going on, but Boy Wonder thought it was cool that small balls were falling from the sky. I wasn't too thrilled in the end, because its suppose to be summer so why is it hailing? If there is one thing weird about Melbourne you've heard, you need to believe its the weather. People told me how erratic it is, but now I truly believe just how crazily unpredictable it is. You can literally wake up freezing your bum off and by the afternoon wearing a tank top and darkest pair of shades. One evening its warm enough to wear my summer spaghetti strap sleep wear, the next I'm wearing my fuzzy socks. The only reprieve I'm forcefully extrapolating from this is that maybe when winter rolls around, there will be really hot days as well. Or maybe its just wishful thinking.

We also visited the neighbor who's a good friend of Grandma who lives in the block behind theirs. I thought our visit to Collingwood Farm was good, this was just as good and we didn't even have to pay money to go in! Simone's chicken hatched a chick so we wanted to have a look. I thought it was funny how instead of one chicken, there were four chickens squished into one nest, all wanting to hatch those eggs. That is why Simone said even she isn't sure which chicken is the real mom.

The kids are still discovering new things everywhere. Last week Boy Wonder was thrilled to find an empty birds nest. It always amazes me how intricate these things are! To think these birds can create such sturdy and perfect rounds of twigs and random things from nature and they don't even have fingers! Nachos on the other hand can't keep her fingers off Grandma's unripe apricots. The kids can't wait until they can start plucking them off the trees. There are also cherries, apples and quince. I wonder if they'll actually want to eat them when the day comes.

So anyways, only 3 more days until we start life as city folks. I'm going to miss living here.

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