Monday, December 22, 2008

Coming End Of An Era

So things have been pretty crazy still in our new house. I haven't had the chance to organize and fully download all my pictures yet. But in the meantime, something has aspired in the past few weeks which is worth blogging about. Grandma and Pop are selling their house!

I can't believe it. The For Sale sign was put up in front of their property over the weekend, so it is official. If only Hubby and I had enough funds at the moment, we would buy it ourselves to keep it in the family. So if any of you are interested in buying a great property in Gisborne, let us know. At least if we can't keep it in the family, maybe it can be owned by someone we know.

Grandma and Pop feel the property is too big for them to maintain for much longer. They also want to start traveling more, so the retirement village they're looking into would be just right for them. The house they will have in the village will be looked after when they travel. And it is also closer to town.

So as we start our new lives in our new house, we might very well say goodbye forever to the first house Boy Wonder and Nachos considered their first home in Australia. It is the house Hubby and Uncle Andrew grew up in. I really like their house. I will definitely be sad the day we can no longer visit it.

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