Monday, December 22, 2008

Coming End Of An Era

So things have been pretty crazy still in our new house. I haven't had the chance to organize and fully download all my pictures yet. But in the meantime, something has aspired in the past few weeks which is worth blogging about. Grandma and Pop are selling their house!

I can't believe it. The For Sale sign was put up in front of their property over the weekend, so it is official. If only Hubby and I had enough funds at the moment, we would buy it ourselves to keep it in the family. So if any of you are interested in buying a great property in Gisborne, let us know. At least if we can't keep it in the family, maybe it can be owned by someone we know.

Grandma and Pop feel the property is too big for them to maintain for much longer. They also want to start traveling more, so the retirement village they're looking into would be just right for them. The house they will have in the village will be looked after when they travel. And it is also closer to town.

So as we start our new lives in our new house, we might very well say goodbye forever to the first house Boy Wonder and Nachos considered their first home in Australia. It is the house Hubby and Uncle Andrew grew up in. I really like their house. I will definitely be sad the day we can no longer visit it.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Through Sun, Rain and Hail

So life continues at Gisborne while the floors in our house gets done. Before we officially move in on the 10th, the kids are still making the most of it at Grandma and Pop's wonderland. Oh, but by now the grandparents have realized there is much to gain from a little bit of child labor. Haha!

I can't lift the shovel, but I can do it one pebble at a time Pop!

A reward well earned

Another interesting event that happened a few days ago was hail! Its been ages since I've seen it hail, and when it happened twice, I had to take a few pictures of it. Nachos didn't really understand what was going on, but Boy Wonder thought it was cool that small balls were falling from the sky. I wasn't too thrilled in the end, because its suppose to be summer so why is it hailing? If there is one thing weird about Melbourne you've heard, you need to believe its the weather. People told me how erratic it is, but now I truly believe just how crazily unpredictable it is. You can literally wake up freezing your bum off and by the afternoon wearing a tank top and darkest pair of shades. One evening its warm enough to wear my summer spaghetti strap sleep wear, the next I'm wearing my fuzzy socks. The only reprieve I'm forcefully extrapolating from this is that maybe when winter rolls around, there will be really hot days as well. Or maybe its just wishful thinking.

We also visited the neighbor who's a good friend of Grandma who lives in the block behind theirs. I thought our visit to Collingwood Farm was good, this was just as good and we didn't even have to pay money to go in! Simone's chicken hatched a chick so we wanted to have a look. I thought it was funny how instead of one chicken, there were four chickens squished into one nest, all wanting to hatch those eggs. That is why Simone said even she isn't sure which chicken is the real mom.

The kids are still discovering new things everywhere. Last week Boy Wonder was thrilled to find an empty birds nest. It always amazes me how intricate these things are! To think these birds can create such sturdy and perfect rounds of twigs and random things from nature and they don't even have fingers! Nachos on the other hand can't keep her fingers off Grandma's unripe apricots. The kids can't wait until they can start plucking them off the trees. There are also cherries, apples and quince. I wonder if they'll actually want to eat them when the day comes.

So anyways, only 3 more days until we start life as city folks. I'm going to miss living here.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Official Home Owners

It has been a whirlwind of credit card swiping, lousy customer service and trying to get anything done before the Christmas break this past week. It seemed like time switched to hyper mode the moment we received the keys to our house on Saturday. We are thrilled to be official home owners, but overwhelmed with just how much work is up ahead.
Although the house is officially done, we have opted to do the flooring and carpeting, so that means we won't be moving in until the 10th... that's if everything goes as planned. The timber floors should be done by Monday and the carpeting by Tuesday. All our kitchen appliances will also be delivered and installed after we move in. The home builder had mentioned that theft often happens between turn over and occupancy, so we decided it would be best to have anything worth stealing delivered after we move in.
My future kitchen... there's so much space I have no idea what to fill it up with!

Even before we received the keys to our house, we had already started making some calls to arrange for other things we will need when we move in. The telephone, broadband, cable tv and utilities were easy enough, though it took ages on the phone to get it all set up and scheduled. What we didn't realize would take so long would be the curtains, blinds and fencing. The curtains we ordered won't be available for installation until early February! And now that I've started calling around fencing companies to have the fencing between us and all our neighbors redone, I find they are all not accepting work until mid-January! I thought the whole Christmas marketing scam only held true in the Philippines or the States, but sheesh, NOTHING can get done from mid-December to mid-January in Australia! Companies actually shut down their offices the week before Christmas until mid-January. I think that is abit too much.

So instead of wasting our time and tears complaining and whining about the whole shut down thing, we have accepted the fact that we will have a few exposed windows until Valentines day and rotting fences until the Three Kings have gone home. I haven't even gone through the whole list of to do things yet. I'm sure I'll be writing more about all these happy things after we have moved in.

But in the meantime, Hubby is super excited about his pool room. He has made it his mission to make it the ultimate Man Cave. He has ordered a top of the line Brunswick Championship edition pool table that will be delivered in millions of pieces and will take the delivery guys up to 6 hours to assemble it. He is also braving the toxic fumes of the varnishes he is slathering on all the wooden panels he will be putting up on the walls which will match the Vegas style carpet. And when the tiling in his toilet is done, I will definitely post a picture of it. All I can say for now is that the tiles in his toilet are the most expensive ones in the whole house.
Here's Hubby and Pop covering the driveway with crushed rock as a temporary ground cover.

And since the home builder is strictly the home builder, they did not do any of the surrounding areas around the house. Our front and backyard looks like a deserted parking lot, there's no driveway and some major dirt moving needs to be done to carve out the left side of our lot to lead to the back of our house. All I can say is that Hubby will be doing alot more digging in the months to come.

So now the real countdown begins! 6 more days until we start our new life in our brand new house!